Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Dalton Ward put on a Prepare fair today... Saturday.  We had invited the other Wards, and Neighbor's.  I bet we had over 100 people.  It was fun visited with everyone.   Sharing My ideals,on gardening.   ( With the help of my friend Laura.)   We had All kinds of Food to sample.  My favorite was the Smoked Turkey Paula lee had done.  We are Talking GOOD...  I think everyone learn something today.  Many Great Ideals on storage water,  to 72 hour kits.  Plus kits for our Cars.

We all need to be Prepare also in our cars..… And having our 72 hour kits.  One never knows when we will need them.  Let's all be prepare!…

Our garden table, we were sharing our knowledge.....What little we have!  And that's Julie Dryden , on Canning.

Wad Cox  was making Pan cake made out of Wheat flour...    They were really good.I'm trying Cookies made out of Bean..... flour.  Not bad....

Sandy Isaacson table was on Making your own soap and cleaning spray

 Lori Park and Deanna Priebe   Potato flakes... very good.Paula Lee had dried apple sliced  YUM!
Laura Rouw, helped me with our Garden Table  
Ron Also took part.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Thursday.... Ron has another meeting this evening.  SO I'm just enjoying myself.... 

Making birthday cards for the Fire Department.. and Now just working on some Birthday cards.  PLUS Watching the Big Game.....YES,  you heard me.  I'm watching Basketball....Gonzaga is playing.  SO FAR... they are ahead.  We'll see if they can keep the lead!
We decided to have a lunch today at Elmer's.  It's been just to long since we got together.  Just a Fun afternoon..  catching up on the  " NEWS  "
Karla was having a Good day.  
No big plans for the Week end.  Hopefully just enjoy the GOOD WEATHER...  See I'm Dreaming of SPRING!

We took Karla out to lunch at Elmer's.  It was just wonderful getting together.  Been to long!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's two pages I done this week end.  This is from Dec  when the kids were home for's 4 more....  I've got 10 done... with only 40 more to do!!!
Ron on the roof cleaning out the chimney...

Week end has Come and GONE.....  We spent the day just working around the place.  Ron took the time to Clean out our Chimney.  Its been a while,  BUT  didn't clean out the chimney box.  It's behind our stove.  While talking to Bob,  Ron was looking outside and saw a reflection......  Flames.....  We had a Chimney fire.  SO  It was exciting for awhile.  Ron got back up on the roof to pour water down the Chimney..  After closing down the Stove.  SO we had to left our fire go out....  This evening he pulled the stove out to clean out the box...  We had about half a bucket full of STUFF.....What a mess,  but we are back to a Warm house....   Y E S

I'm just glad we didn't have to call the Fire department out.... or that our Neighbor's had CallED....  
So That was our excitement for the week end.
I did work on some scrap book pages. I've enclosed a few pictures.   Enjoy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ron in his Dress Uniform.  Looking Sharp...  and Yes that's his 30 year of Service Ring....

YES,  another pack meeting behind me..  This was a Fun one.  Pine wood Derby.  Only 4 cars to race.  So it was over with in 15 min's  If that.  But the boys had FUN.... and the parents Cheering on the Cars.

I find it interesting,  How many times you have to tell the kids NOT to jump over the track....Turn your back... and poof .... over the track they go.
I also wanted to share my pictures of our Winter Wonderland.  Winter is still with us.  Ron is the cause for the snow.  He took the snow pile off the 4 wheeler... Thanks Honey....

Here's a picture of Ron's 30 Years of Service.... Ring....I put Ron in Charge of Keeping track of the Winners... and losers..  Only 4 boys..... So it was over in a FLASH!

The winning boys at our Pine wood Derby.... Ron made the plaques.  Thanks RON!Winter is still here in North IDAHO!!!
We got 4 inches of the WHITE STUFF!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'M  HOME...

Had a Wonderful Vacation visiting my daughter and family in Pocatello Idaho.  Val Pearson called to see if I'd like to drive down with her....  YOU BET...  Would had like to stayed longer.  BUT I'll take what ever I guess.  I miss my Grandkids.
I came down with a cold so thought I better not take it too them.  But Jen said they All had it so don't let that stop you...  I didn't.  We went thru boxes of tissues that's for sure.  Poor baby Jay...He just wanted to be held.... so that was my job.
Did enjoy Mady and Brooklyn , we played games and watched movies.  Saturday I took them out for a movie and lunch at Subway.  I enjoy our time alone.
Gave Mom and Dad a Break.... they spent their time shopping for a big girl's bed for Brooklyn.  She was SO Excited...  
When I left Ron was Feeling Fine.... but he came down with my cold... I was just Glad I wasn't here...   But he's doing a little better today.
Ron did get his 30 year Ring.  Its Very nice..... and big.....Blue stone  and it read's Kootenai fire and Rescue  30 years of service  With Chief on one side   and Sampert on the other.. and heavy.  Looks like a Class ring!...
Ron also finished 3 more Cabinets for downstairs.  I've got one shelf left to fill.  Won't take long.  So just one more set to make.  Then he'll be done..  I can only Keep what will fix in them... So I need to have another Garage sale.  
Ron and I are Trying to Get ruin of stuff but very hard to do.  When Jared was here, he said the only fight over our stuff will be the Fabric......
Who will get Stuck with it... Thanks Jared.....I'm sure Some body would Love my Fabric as much as I do....BUT I DO need to get ruin of some of it....WAY TO MUCH......And my Batting.....OH MY...I'm Sure Ron was just rolling his eyes over it all... He had to empty a Cabinet to move it..  FULL of FABRIC... and That's just One Cabinet.....SO I better start Sewing, and giving away.  Any Taker?

Monday, March 2, 2009

I WONDER Where Mady and Brooklyn get their BIG Smiles....??
Jay loved it when Grandma fed him!Mady doing her home work Before we can play a game.  Hurry up Mady.

Brooklyn  made a Fire Hat.  Now she looks like Grandpa.!

I Just had to eat ate Texas Road House.  I got a Steak and Jen got Ribs.  I asked to try one... and This is What she Gave Me...... Thanks JEN......We had a good laugh!Baby Jay is learning to Crawl......  I talked to Jenny this morning... and He's got it all figured out.... SURE  one day after I LEAVE... No Problem..  Going back in MAY

Don't you think Jay looks like his Daddy??//  or is it the Shirt?

Saturday was Grandma's day with the Girls... We had Subway for Lunch!
And Took in a movie.  Course You have to have Pop corn!

Cute girls.  Mady is 6 going on 7 this month  and Brooklyn a 5 years old  What big smiles!My Grandkids  3 of them any way.  Mady Brooklyn and Baby Jay  Jeppsen.
I enjoyed my time with my Grandkids!

Baby Jay.... He loved having Grandma hold him......  He's 6 and half months old!I LOVE this picture.... Jay isn't to be sucking his fingers  This is a NO  NO.. But so CUTE
Brooklyn on her New Bike!

Brooklyn got a Big girl Bed..... She was SO EXCITED!  She will be Sharing a Bed Room with her Big Sister Mady.Jay is going to be a Pool Shark!
Our Trip Home.  Clear roads.  But this is the view on the Look out pass.  A Very welcoming sign!