Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's my Sewing things... other ribbons are from the garden, baking, and flowers. MY ribbons, 11 white 27 Red and 22 BLUE 4 Super one 170.00 in cash.
Just another shot of my sewing...
Along with the ribbons and money I won the Green thumb award.
Here's All my Ribbon's.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Sunday evening and just having a Very relaxing Sunday. We did Nothing..... NICE I got a NAP . But just as we were going to lay down Ron got a Call out... He's on call this week. SO No Nap for Ron.... I had a Nice Nap!

Tonight we were able to see Kai and Jaiden on the computer. How cool was that. Ronny got a new Computer...... SO FUN.... Little Jaiden walked for us and stood up all by himself. Just amazing to see....
Tomorrow I'll be picking up my Fair items.... and MONEY.. Should be over 100.00.... PLUS $40.00, for Super 1 Foods. Not bad, for 5 days of taking things in. I also took my flowers in Friday. I also won on them... Just don't remember how many ribbons I got.... Getting OLD....
We are planning to head South on Thursday. Going to see the Jeppsen's. Looking forward to spending time with the Grand kids. In Nov we planned to Head to Texas to see Ronny and his family.... They should be in their New HOME. How exciting is that.... No MORE apartment living for them. Boys will have Room to RUN and play. PLUS a Room for me when I go for a visit......
I can't believe that Aug is over with....Where did our summer go! Need to find time to take the boat out , a few more times.... I HOPE PLUS get in some fishing. We'll see if it happens.

We spent the evening doing CORN.... Nice having HELP...

Ron is being Honored at the Fair. He's second from the end.The Line UP
Walking off the Field Then He had a Hard time finding me.... I'm standing and Waving my arms.... and NOTHING He doesn't see me in This Crowd. Course he's Looking in the WRONG SPOT
He's a little over DRESSED for the Rodeo... But we enjoy the evening together.
I found Jack in the box on the deck this morning... too funny

Friday, August 28, 2009

OK NOW I'm done with the fair. Took my flowers in this morning. WHY Not sure they weren't very good.. BUT they are in.... and won't find out until I pick them up.

SO are you wondering How many ribbons did I get??? Or how much Money I made? or Did I win the Green thumb award......We'll have to wait until Monday when I pick up. I'm HOPING I will have help BECAUSE... I have a lot of stuff in the fair. After counting my tickets... I have .... drum roll........Not counting today tickets... 87 ... that's with Ron's, Bob and Cathy..... 23 didn't get a ribbon.. So Not bad.
No plans for my money.... OH But last night I found Ron won a Super one on his apples. So that 4 Super One gift cards.... $40.00.... NICE We'll be enjoying ourselves with eating STEAK , Maybe some CRAB.... and Shimp.... YUM

My potatoes. Blue ones and Idaho Russet's I love Blue Ribbons , Only reason I took BLUE Bruce Hamner didn't enter his.OK these are the Hubbards that were growing in my tree.... Too funny Mine is the Red... It slide down the limb so had a mark on it...... Ron took the BLUE...MINE is BIGGER.... Just not as pretty as his was...

I found my Acorn... it took a blue with my butter nut squash in the back ground mine also Blue Ron took a Red...My potatoe basket.... Red....Next year
Here's my CUTE pot holders. I LOVE my little mice...... BLUE for them. I use these for Birthday gifts.
Here's Mady's or Brooklyn's night gown. Only got a white.... Not sure WHY
This Guy was SO GOOD sang, rope trips, shooting and Horse tricks. This Horse is amazing....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two deer in our field. That where keep the pipes.... They are liking my garden.Paula Lee's Birthday Lunch.
Our little group. Happy 29 again Paula.
Adam Jensen got Married. His new bride is Lynda....
My stir Fry with a red. Those are Good looking Veggies. Should had been a BLUE

Ron picked out the Blue Ribbon pumpkin... BUT I put my name on it.... TOO FUNNY The one I picked out... I put Ron's name on it. It got the Red Ribbon.... I also got the Super one ribbon... So that pumpkin is worth 13.00......Thank You Ron for finding a Blue ribbon Pumpkin for your Lovely Wife!These are my Walla Walla onions. Very excited about this ribbon. So 3 .00 for Blue 10.00 from Super one... and 5 dollars for reserve...... SO 18.00 dollars for these onions.. NICE We'll be eating STEAK.
This is a 3 piece Top , shell, and pants. Mady will look CUTE
Brooklyn's Jumper.... Nice job.... I started putting button's on... got 2 on and couldn't find the 3rd. So 3 months later I went and bought new Buttons. ( I like the other ones Better.)
My Log cabin..... I was Excited.... haven't won on a tied quilt since we owe the fabric store.... That's been about 20 years.

Can't believe this didn't get a blue. Swim suit with a skirt.... PJ's Won't fit any one.. Kai's Monkey shirt. Or it could be for Jaiden..... Monika bought the fabric.....Turned out CUTE and a baby out fix for ..... baby. Most likely be a baby gift. This was Carolyn's corner... to funny
My quilt took a RED... Not sure why should had been BLUE also. What's wrong with these judges.!
I was excited to see I took a Blue for my scrap book album.... Now that a great judge.
Here's a better look at my little monkey shirt. When I was entering it.. This lady wanted to know if it was for someone or I'd be willing to sell it to her......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

YES.... I'm done for another year with Sewing for the Fair... WHAT a relief... I was afraid I wouldn't get much in... But I did pretty good for one week of Sewing. And NOT a full week either. Starting early for Next year...... And this time I mean it!!!

Just need to finish the projects that I have started. Good plan.
Winter would be a Great time to sew. SO Why can't I get it done in the Winter time????
Baking is Monday..... and Garden stuff is Tuesday. SO still have 2 BIG Days left.
Been a Fun week. I really enjoyed my week end with my old friends Suzy and Janis. We had So much fun. They kept me on track. I sew While Janis Cook great meals for us.... and Suzy played with the dogs and did the clean up from the meals... I LOVED it.
Oh they work on projects too.... and we just visited and told funny story. It was great. Ready to do it again.
We have CORN... YUM Bad part I'll need to start canning it... and soon.
Right now... WE'll just enjoy eating it.
Which my kids were closer to share with..... Oh well...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Linda had us up for Lunch. Just a wonderful time visiting and seeing Linda Riggs New HOME.We Celebrated Paula's Birthday . Happy Birthday Paula.!

Here's showing we did get some sewing done.... Suzy is working on a Bag.Had to take a break..... and any lap is open for the dogs to sit on.
Janis quilted 2 quilts for Suzy.
This was so funny.... We had on the same top.... Wasn't planned.! So we were twin's for the day.
Suzy's Bag. Now I have to make one for ME.

One of many meals Janis cooked for us. I must have gained 6 pounds.Janis New Baby!
Saying good bye to a Fun Week end. Thanks Janis and Suzy!
Things I have done for the fair . Go's in today and tomorrow
Here's my Baby quilt. It's in the wash NOW I'm HOPING it will be FINE ..... After washing it!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday afternoon we decided to go Huckleberry picking. It was over casted so Just a great day for picking. It had rained on the mountain before we got there. SO Needless to say we were Soaked when we got off the mountain.

Took Duncan with. What a Happy dog... I wanted him just in case we ran into a bear.....
SO MANY PEOPLE.... I couldn't believe it. We had a hard time finding them at first. BUT after walking all over the mountain we got into some. Not the Real Big ones we've had in the pass. But we're happy.
Duncan Loved them.... He was eating them , we had to get ahead of him to find some......He was running all over the place looking for them. And started trying to eat them from Ron's hand as he picked. Way to funny.
So this morning I made Huckleberry muffin's YUM . Ron's wanting a pie. So maybe next week end.
This week I'm to go to Cub Scout camp... 5 days of camp. I should be sewing for the fair.... So Early Morning.... and evenings I guess.
Things go in Next week. 17 and 18... I don't have MUCH Oh well. Time for New Winner's . I do have garden stuff... and I can bake.
Having the Englands over for dinner tonight. Fried Chicken.... and Just pulled the rolls out of the oven. I better go and try them. Enjoy your Sunday.

Duncan LOVES Huckleberries. He was always eating them. PLUS trying to eat what we had in our hand. Too Funny.Nice Berries. Over a gal, in 3 hour.
Duncan wanted to go back up the hill for MORE.

Duncan needed help into the TRUCKHe's not heavy......Look at Ron face! But Duncan's Happy
And asking to be help out of the truck.
What a deal for Duncan.