Monday, March 19, 2012

Samantha Babich, Dir. of Admin and Dan Ryan Presented Ron with the Fire Fighter of the Year Award. March 16th. 2012.It's been an Exciting Week for Him!

Ron had a Hard time talking...
Samantha Babich , Ron's Right ARM Only way he was able to stay this long!
WE Need More Wall space for all his Awards.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Keith Hutcheson, is thank Ron for his 37 years of Service...
Listening to a speech from Keith.... one of the commissioner. I wonder WHAT RON is thinking?Swearing in of the NEW Fire CHIEF!
His Wife did the pinning, and I don't remember her name.... sorry
Final words of the old Chief to the NEW Chief!

Ron with the NEW Fire Chief !Ron with his Deputy Chief, Division Chiefs, EMT's.....
RON with his office Workers. Laurie, Samantha, Ron ,Jayme, and Jessie.
Ron after the swearing in of the NEW Chief. HE Looking Way to HAPPY!

Ron with his Distinguished Medal . This is taken in his office... BEFORE we cleaned it out! Hauled out 5 boxes and 10 pictures. NOW What to do with the STUFF!I think Ron's having Mixed feeling about right now.. WHAT HAVE I DONE!
Cleaning out his desk. He had Refinished it in December.
Last time Ron will be driving the Company Truck. He's going to a early meeting........ WAIT He's not the Fire Chief... SO Why does he have a early MEETING?

RON has 3 days left of WORK . How crazy is that. 37 Years I've been sending him off to work... and its about to end. THEN What do I do with him?? I just Better Not here..... HONEY...... WHAT are WE going to do today?........ OR He better Not rearrange the dishes in the dish washers cause I loaded it WRONG.

Looking forward to enjoying Coeur d'Alene.. HOPEFULLY more Fishing, Boating, camping... and traveling to see my Grandkids. We have Houston on the list to drive too... Spend a week there.. or longer... Miss seeing Kai and Jaiden. Course on the way will be stopping in Pocatello... then Salt Lake., Provo... Should be fun.
New Chapter in our life is about to open..... Wish us..... ME Luck!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ron received the Idaho Distinguished Service Medal at his Commissioner's meeting. March 12 2012. He was SO Shocked.... Very proud on RON! 37 years of Fire Service. Ron started in 1975 For the CDA Fire department. In 1978 he began working for the Kootenai County Fire Department. Ron became Chief in 1997.....And is retiring April 1st 2012!
Jay D Baker of the North Area Field officer Put the Medal on Ron.Ron was Speechless! Shocking I know!
Jay gave a nice little talk about what Ron has done in the last 37 years.
SO that Jay Baker & Mary Marsh of the Bureau of Homeland Security!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jappy Rubbing Jen's foot.........NO wait... its a sliver in her foot. Where's Doc Cathy??Jay is loaded and ready for battle!
Jen is sewing.... and She LOVES her Gift I made her.....

Brooklyn's Scripture tote I made her... Now I need to make one for Mady!Cousin's spending time together. Aren't they CUTE!
We had a shooting war!
GOOD times until Someone Shoots their EYE! Where's your pillow BOB??

Brooklyn looking Cheesy.Johnny and Grandpa. LOVE his outfit Cathy made for him.
Cathy made the poster for Brooklyn .... Way to cute!
Aunt Mae and Uncle John gave her a Angel necklace.

Brooklyn getting her hair done. I got in trouble for taking this picture. Jen wasn't ready.... Sorry daughter!. You are Still Beautiful in My book.... LOVE YOU! And Cathy is Doing Mady's hair.!Brooklyn looking Beautiful!... SO like her Mom!
Ron and I had to have a picture with Our Grand daughter!

Daughter and Proud DAD!.
SO Proud of Brooklyn for making the choice to be Baptize!. Love you!Bob Cathy and Johnny was able to drive down for her Special Day!
Jeppsen Family!
Jeppsen and Sampert Family!

Brooklyn looking so Pretty in Her Baptism Dress. Can't believe she's 8 years old.... Where did those years GO!COUSINS!
5 of our Grand kids. Johnny 10 months Jet 16 months Jay, 3 Brooklyn 8 and Mady almost 10! Miss You Kai and Jaiden.
Johnny Looking Sharp in his Pin stripe suit!

Booklyn Looking COOL for a 8 year old!Johnny was Having fun playing with the CAR!
Bob and Cathy was staying at a Motel and had invited everyone to play in the pool...
Mady was Jumping for JOY! AND thru the tube!. She is Jappy's Daughter!

CHECK out Jet's LONG thick Eye lashes. LOVE them!JOHNNY LOVED the Pool!
Fun time had by ALL !
Brooklyn was Flying!

SO JAPPY!..... JET wanted to get in the water. HE wore me out... Had to pass him to Grandpa!

Brooklyn got a gift from Uncle Jared! Jared bought gifts for everyone.... JET LOVED his!

JET is enjoying his dinner. Cousins enjoying their final Night together!... Cathy had made the shirts for them!
Johnny wasn't to sure about his Cousin holding him!... Jet was glad to get a BREAK!
Being together gave us a Chance to talk about our Disney trip coming in 2 Weeks!