Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jared is HOME..  We are enjoying our visit... and help with the Computer....I Have a    NEW STOVE......  TWO OVEN'S  AND NO BURNERS TO CLEAN.  I LOVE IT!

Out with the old!Nothing like moving a stove down the street.... into the renter house
Ron got another cabinet done....  Glad Jared was here to move it in!

Heavy work...  Time for a BREAK!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kai LOVE sledding in the white stuff.  I think Ronny did too!  Where's your sled?This give's you a ideal how much snow we Got!  That's off the roof we shoveled!  And how much more fall!
We had a surprise visit from the Ross .   That Jeff,  Lori, Ron's sister, Jesse, Ben, Jaiden, Ronny, Kai and Monika   Ben was up for a visit from Seattle  .  He looks like his DAD....

OK Right.  Some of these are from Christmas time  but I just took them off my camera  so I'm sharing.  I LOVE the winter picture.  It was a beautiful day..  Just VERY COLD   Around ...5 degrees ...that day.

YES,  I got my quilt Tied.  Took it off yesterday  Needed to,  so Jared can get to his Room.
He WAS to come in Yesterday.  But because of fog in Salt Lake  his flight got cancel.  Ron and I had a wonderful date night...  We went to the RV Show at the Spokane Fair grounds.  NO, we didn't come home with.  Just fun to dream.  Nothing to exciting.   Mainly Trailers.. and not 5 wheels either.
Some day,  down the road, we would like a Motor home... OR a bigger 5 wheel  trailer with more slide out.  Mainly the bedroom.
But not for a while.  Still fun to look.
Way to much Walking and climbing steps.  I was Wore out when we walk out.  Only 3 hours to look at them all...
Then Had a nice dinner at the BBQ long Horn...  We were killing time before we got Jared.  ONLY to drive home with out him...
He's to come in this afternoon around 12 30...   We'll wait until he calls  to make sure he's on the plane.  Its clear and cold here.
Ron is working in the shop building more Cabinets.  Working on the Back wall now in the basement.  Sure cleaning up downstairs.  Looking Great.  In Time I'll be able to get my pool table..  I have a spot for it now...
Wait.... I need a place to tie quilts... I better forget the pool table ideal.  
Life is good.  Staying warm, enjoying the beauty around us.  We are SO Blessed to Live in North Idaho.  Just wish our kids were here with us !   Hard being so far away from them.  Just glad they Do come for a visit.!

Happy little Santa Baby JaidenKai didn't want to leave Nana... Or was it cause Ronny went outside to put the luggage in the truck.....
Here's North Idaho at its BEST......  Our back Yard.
How we stay Warm   Thanks Ron for getting the wood in... I'm helping by staying out of the way.   And Taking pictures.!
Here's my quilt  Only taken 2 Plus getting it this far.  Those are the cabinets that Ron built.   Thanks to Bob , Jappy and Ronny for carrying them in....  Don't they look Great!  And Yes they are full of STUFF.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday Morning.  Its Been a Very Wet week, and our snow is melty fast.  BUT not to worry, its snowing again.....

My kids have been gone now for 10 days.  My house is Way to quite.   
Just getting over a Cold.  They left and I got sick.  Great timing.  Could also be part depression..... I miss the action.
It was Wonderful having them home.  Jared was missed.  BUT  he called last night and is planning coming home around the 23rd this month... SO  we have That to look forward too.
Ron is busy in the Shop.  He's building more Cabinet's for down stairs.  Things are looking Great.  Our JUNK will be behind doors.
I've been told ,  I can Only keep what will fix in the Cabinets.  SO I need to start going thru things.  That's the Hard part.  I like my junk.
Nothing exciting going on, so nothing to report.  Just wanted to share More pictures of our family get together.  Enjoy.

We have SNOW   lot's of the WHITE STUFF  and Know how to have fun in it!
New use of a Tree Skirt......Brooklyn Loved to swirl with it on....  SO CUTEThis was Just a Funny Picture I had to share.  The Mighty Tree Cutter's.....That's Jappy and Ronny..
Great Grandma Gordon with Kai and Baby Jaiden.

Trying to learn how to post more pictures..... Now to add words to pictures.  Still learning.

Anyway the picture of Ron and Baby Jaiden... That's their birthday..... Ronny and Monika gave Ron a picture of Angel Jaiden..... SO CUTE
Baby Jaiden turned     ONE  on his Grandpa's Birthday.
As for the bandage.....  Ron had a tumor removed from a finger....  He's doing fine..

We had to stop at the fire Station for pictures. Kai and Baby Jaiden