Sunday, December 28, 2008

I find it hard to believe Christmas is behind us...  You plan for months, and its over with in an Hour.... If you're lucky.

We had a Wonderful Christmas....  and its stretch out over a few Days.  Jenny and her Family came in on Thursday the 18th.  We had a Big snow storm the day before..... So We were Glad when she called to say they were Staying the night in Missoula. They got in around 11 30 that morning.  Course the girls got their Snow gear on and Headed out to play in the snow.  And Course Jappy got the tractor out and started moving snow.
We woke to 33 inches of Snow  That was in One day.... Ronny couldn't get the 4 wheeler out of the barn.....  So we plowed the Driveway out by hand.... Just the one side.  So they could get the car in....Ron had a tumor removed off his Right hand on the 17th... so He was no Help with the plowing....It was Beautiful out.... but VERY COLD   and more snow on the way.....
It took Most of the afternoon to get things plowed out... Then they got the sleds hold to the back of the 4 wheeler and Had a Ball...
I stayed in and kept the Hot chocolate coming... and the fire going.
Our house was Full, but we Loved Every Minute of it.
Friday night Bob and Cathy came in..  Jappy was kind enough to go and pick them up at the airport.  We  played Hand and foot and ate snacks until they got here....  
Saturday was Ron and Jaiden Birthday.  We had a BIG Pizza party with Family and Friends.  The CdA Press came out and did a story on them.  It was in the CDA PRESS on Sunday.
Sunday we were able to attend Church as a Family....  We took up a Whole Row.  What a wonderful feeling it was to be surrounded by our Children... and Grand Children.  It was a GREAT DAY
Quite a undertaking to Cook for That many..... and the Clean UP......  So much FUN....
It was Hard to say good bye to the Jeppsen's Monday morning...  They left around 10 30.... and it turn out to be a Lousy trip home.  over 12 hours..... No more driving home in Dec..... I had to keep calling to see how they were doing and Where they were at..
With the amount of snow we got...around 38 inches, we shovel off our place, the shop, and the green house.  On Christmas Eve we headed up to Grandma Gordon's and Got her roof done also.  So for payment we took everyone to Outback.  Course I loved that part...... NO Cooking or CLEAN UP.  We had a wonderful time.....  Then we drove down to the Resort to walk around and Check out the lights.  I Couldn't believe it was the Day before Christmas...
Christmas Morning  Everyone helped with Breakfast.  We had French toast, pancakes, eggs, sausage, and juice....Then on to the gift opening.
Bob was Kind enough to drive up and Get Grandma Gordon....
Fun seeing the paper fly off the packages.  Kai had a Ball opening everyone Gifts... SO CUTE..  and Jaiden he loved the ribbon and boxes..  I enjoyed just taking it all in...
I had made matching PJ's for Everyone so they were looking good for opening gifts.
The BEST gift I got was from my son Bob...and Cathy.  
A Garbage disposer, mine broke the day before everyone came in.  Ron couldn't fix it... and getting someone to come out... no time....  I had water backing up in the sink...  and wasn't draining...  Just a Big Mess...  So Christmas evening Bob is putting in it... Only to find out we didn't have enough pipes to hook it up....   He was up and out the door at 7 to get the pipe he needed.... It works GREAT   Thank's Bob and Cathy.
Course I got another Great Gift from Jared.  A Photo book of our family.   And a Camera for the computer.  So we can see Jared while we are talking on the computer.  How cool is that.  And Thanks to Ronny for setting it up  THANKS RONNY!
And my Next great gift is a Calendar of my Grandkids...  So I'll enjoy that gift for the next 12 months.  Thanks Ronny and Monika.
Course The BEST BEST Gift... was having All our KIDS and  Grandkids HOME  for the Holiday...  Thank you Jappy.....Ronny....  Bob...Jared wasn't able to be here... But he called every day.... and sometimes twice.  He was missed.
Ron was kind enough to fit me with a Fishing vest and fishing gear.  So I'm ready to hit the streams.  
So as you can see... we had a Wonderful Christmas...  
Here's wishing you all a Happy New YEAR!

Ronny's Family, Ronny Monika Kai and Baby Jaiden. In their matching PJ Bottoms... Looking Comfortable.!

Jeppsen family, We had a early Christmas since they were heading home on Dec 22. I made matching PJ Bottoms... Wonderful having a FULL HOUSE.....

Brooklyn,Cathy, Bob, Mady and Lilo ... We take third , Cathy and Bob take second., Lilo is FIRST

baby Jay and Jenny... With Mady in the back ground.

saying good bye to Mady and Brooklyn, Mady lost her two front teeth!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's go again.....but faster.... Jappy made a course out in the field..... They didn't want to come in....

Were talking fun now.... But very cold.... around 10 degrees!!!!

YES,,,I jumped also.... Pretty fun.....Nothing got broke ....

Our 3rd roof top, This is Grandma Gordon's, We had alot more snow on top of our house.... close to 34 inches. At mom's Maybe 20 inches...

The shoveling crew.....Cathy Ronny, Monika and Bob.... Ronny and Monika didn't show until we were All most done....

This is one way off the roof! That's Ronny.....

Because we made the boys shovel off roofs Ron took us all to Outback for dinner.

Cathy and Bob helped with the cooking of Breakfast. We had eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, and Bacon....... YUM

Christmas Breakfast....

Christmas Morning.. Kai, got a purple ball from Bob and Cathy....... Jaiden is in the back ground. SO FUN.... and Jaiden in the back ground

I got a New Fly fishing vest..... Look out Fish.....Here I COME!

We walked around the Resort....This sled is in the Mall..... Cute Couple....

Winter has come to Dalton Gardens. We got 33 inches before Christmas.. And 10 more inches today. Ron has been plowing snow for 2 days now....

Santa Baby Jaiden.... What a Happy little guy!

Saying good bye to Bob and Cathy. Took them to the airport at 7... Their plane was delayed... didn't get home until 1 30 am.... Not GOOD.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For one den meeting, ok 2 the cub scouts built blue bird houses..No cuts or bruises....

Jack has found a nice place to sleep.... in Duncan's bed. They both fit in there nicely.

Here's the fire boat we had to haul to Seattle. It was a white knuckle drive. Big load for little truck.....

Sorry I'm trying to down load pictures but its not wanting too.  So We'll have to wait a minute.

I'm counting down the days.  We are going to have 3 of our 4 kids home for Christmas.  And their Families of course.  That means our 5 grandkids will be together.  We are So excited.
Monika and Ronny are Flying in Dec 16th.  and staying until Jan 1st.  We can't wait to see Kai and Little Jaiden.   Little Jaiden will be turning a Year Old on Dec 20th.  So we will be celebrating his birthday.  He's come a LONG WAY.  Weighing in at birth 1 lb 2 oz.  and He's now toping the scales at..... 16 pounds.  Can't wait to see him....
Jenny and Jappy are driving up /wednesday or Thursday?   and will only be able to stay until Sunday  :(   Wish they could stay longer but we will take what we can get..
Bob and Cathy  and lilo are flying in Dec 19th and staying until Dec 26.  
We had Hope that Jared would be able to come home also, but he's not able to get the time off.  He'll be missed.
BUT  we will have our 5 grandkids together for the FIRST TIME......  Little Jay hasn't meant his Great Grandma or his Aunts and Uncles so it will be a Happy Reunion.
I've been Busy sewing and Hope to be done before they get here.   
Life is GOOD!

Who needs to go to Alaska when you have deer in your back yard. We had two bucks. Young bucks at that.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Bob and Cathy.  OUR plans were to stay home.... But Ron needed to take the Fire boat over to Seattle for some work.  Darn....  I'll have to go too.  We had a Great Time.  Poor Cathy had to work Long Hours.  But we did get in a few games of Hand and Foot.  Which is Always fun to play.

Bob was Kind enough to take me around to the Sales on Black Friday.  They call it black friday because its DARK when we start shopping....  5 oclock.  How crazy... and we weren't along.  YES  Ron went with complaining the WHOLE time.  Until we Got to Cabela's.  Then Bob and I were complaining.  HOW MUCH LONGER!
So Many people.... it was crazy.  Not sure it was worth the wait..... We did get some good buys.
Cathy got home early so we headed back to JoAnn's.  I took a cutting number, it was 53  and they were on 75  So yes a long wait.  But we killed time looking at scrap booking supplies.  Getting our list make for Tomorrow.  It went on sale then.  YES  we went back....
Saturday we were up early and waiting in line at JoAnn's  .  Course we had to hit a few more stores before heading home.
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking, card making, and Card playing.
At 5 we went and show the new James Bond Movie......  Which was Full of action... but I was lost thru most of it.  I'll have to see it again....
Then of course it was time to eat.  We went to   THE ROCK....  Pizza..   way to much food....
Ron and I headed home at 6 in the morning  Wanted to beat the traffic.. and we did.  Nice drive and made good time getting home at 11 30..  Only 5 and half hours .. Going.. It took 8 and half hours.  No delays or stop and go .
Its always nice to get away....  But it was nice coming home!

I had lots of help in the kitchen. I did the bread and pies, Ron gravy Bob potatoes and corn. Cathy...... she ate.

We had to have a snack while waiting for Cathy. Its a apple turnover.

Thanksgiving dinner. Cathy didn't get home until 7. It was a relaxing day . Worth the wait.!

We are rocking out at Bob's  Talk about FUN!  Great music Bob and Ron!

This is what happen when you eat a big dinner!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today they honor Ron for 30 years of service.  Really it's been 33 and half years.  But Who's counting.... Not me....

I Can't believe its been that long.  At times it seems longer... and others, Not so long.
It's been a Big part of our lives together.  We have been married 34 and half years.  So Only one year not with the fire department.  And to think Ron wants to retirer in 2 years... or less. 
They had a nice luncheon, with Cold cuts, shimp, chicken wings , BBQ of course, meat balls, veggie tray's, and Chocolate cake for dessert.  It was very nice.
Very proud of Ron, He's work very hard for the fire department.  And has put up with My complaining about the Fire department and All The MEETINGS, he has to go too.!!!  I find it hard to believe its been 33 and half years.....Not sure Where the time has gone.  May their be a few more years....

The Fire department put on a luncheon to honor Ron and 5 others for their 20 plus years of service. Ron has 30 in with Kootenai County.

Ron with 2 of his commissioner's

Ron gave a little speech thanking fire fighter, and his bride of 34 years.. That would be ME!!

Ron received a certificate of Appreciation for 30 years of service

I had a visitor while eating my lunch!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Nov 12th.  Not sure Where the time is going.  Nothing exciting is happening in Dalton.

We have been trying to get things done before the snow falls.  Ron and I got the pipes off
the field Saturday.  This is when we really miss the kids.  
We also worked on leaves.  More yet to fall.
I had my second pack meeting last night......  it way smooth.... so 2 down....????to go
Its been wonderful NOT being in the garden,  But I do miss the fresh veggies.  Still trying
to get ruin of Apples.. we still have LOTS.
I've been working on our Alaska pictures.  I've got 8 pages done... Hopefully by the week end I'll be done.  So that's exciting.
Only our other 2 cruises to do!!!
and grand babies
and other trips.
OK  So I won't be done for awhile.    Who was it that got me started doing scrap books anyway...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nice picture   Looking good.!

Ron was able to go to Washington DC for a Fire Chief Conference.  Spent 3 days there.  While I got to stay home and take care of the animals..

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't believe its Nov.......  the 3rd.

Ron got home Sunday morning from Washington DC.  He was gone for 3 days.  I had Big plans..  Which All fell thru.  I did get the apples all picked, and didn't even fall out of the trees....
Plus was Able to sew PJ bottoms for Monika, Kai, and Jaiden.   Now to get them in the mail.  They have been waiting since last Christmas for them..  Thanks for not giving up on me.  
I also got started sewing for the Fair.  I know.... shocking.  But nothing is done YET.  
Today was my weigh in at Curves.  I had joined in January of this year.  And I reached my goal.  I made it to the 2 foot wall.... Plus lost 12 pounds.  So I'm excited...  I have LOTS more to loose but every little bite help.  So total inches lost is 24 3/4 inches.....  WAY TO GO!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well..... It's Thursday , Oct 30th.  I can't believe Oct is about over with.  This month has gone by too fast.

Ron left this morning for Washington DC.  I'm on my own for the week end..  I had plans to go with Suzy to spend the week end with my old Friend Janis.  But Suzy got sick, so Not sure what I want to do.  
I'm thinking......  Sewing week end at home .  I owe Monika some PJ's Bottoms....  ( She's feeling left out).  So that's on my list to do.
Had a wonderful time with my Sister Barbara.  Hated to see them drive away.  But we had a wonderful dinner up at Terry and JoAnn's.  Great Food and fun laughing over the stupid things we did growing up..  OK What Terry did...   ( I was prefect)
Not sure Where the years went.  Too fast anyway.
So enjoy life..  It go's way to fast.

Had a family dinner ,  Helen's on her way to work,.  Always time for a picture with her Granddaughter.

Tanya's Girls All grown up.

Terry and JoAnn had us up for Dinner... Great meal.! Thanks

Brad and Tanya..

Time to Head home from Terry's

together again... for a short time. Barbara is leaving

Sorry I had it up right once. Ron and Dave saying goodbye.

Sorry I had it up right once. Ron and Dave saying goodbye.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday Morning...  Can't believe how fast the time is going.  Just enjoying My sister.  Hate to see them leave tomorrow.

SAD  Helen has had to work the whole time , Haven't had any time with Barbara and David.  She came for dinner , but had to leave right afterward for work.
We are Going to Hudson's for Lunch.  I'm excited for a Hudson Hamburger  .  Didn't think they were open on Monday's.... They are.
Ron got a House fire early this morning.  He got home around 8: 30..But he'll be joining us .  Plans are for David and Ron to go to Cabela's  and Buck knives.  Not sure what Mom Barbara and I will be doing..... Maybe Shopping.  Sounds good to me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Good looking Family, Older and wiser..

OK Here's Barbara, Me Mom Terry and Helen..

This is my Brother Terry and JoAnn

What a Cute Couple!

Sisters and mom of course You can tell we are related.!