Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For are sewing day we worked on swimming bags. Jackie had bought the fabric for us. SHE really knows us. They took 3 hours from Start to finished. LOVE THEM... and They are SO CUTE! I plan to take mind on our trip to Disneyland! WAS a fun day being with my Girl Friends!

Saying GOOD Bye to Bob Johnny and Cathy. Miss YOU!Look at those BRIGHT EYES!

CUTE outfit Cathy did for Johnny on a Ones,
Our lunch at Long Horn. Bob Cathy and Johnny HOME for the Holiday!Paula with her Christmas gift I made her. SHE LOVES IT!
We had Dinner at the Texas Road House for Ron's Birthday... Santa was THERE!
HERE's My Primary class I made them Santa Bags. Janie, Annie and Amber!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... 2012....... What will the new year have in store for US?

Was Wonderful have Bob's Family home for Christmas.... And Very hard to say Good bye. BUT we'll be seeing Everyone in 3 months. SO I have that to look forward too.
Was Counting down the days till Ron retires .... BUT now he saying he might not be done until April.... or May. SO......... we'll just have to wait and see. We're Still planning a Family celebration at Disneyland . Going to be SO FUN. We've rented a House so we'll All be together.!
SO Keep praying for GOOD WEATHER.
We'll be driving down, picking up Jared... and Bob and Cathy will follow.
I'm enjoying my New Carpet and Maroon wall... I LOVE IT. Ron is Not saying..
Ron is heading to Seattle Jan 9 and 10 . To help with the interviews for his job. WHAT shall I DO???
Time will tell.
Here's wishing you all a Happy New YEAR. I hope to do better in keeping You all in form on Whats the Sampert's are up too.... Enjoy the Month!...

Johnny's ready to get out of the rocking chair.... This chair was mine when I was a little girl... and has been enjoyed by all the grandkids. That's the project Cathy was been working on... vest and tie. SOO CUTE!Johnny enjoyed the music table.
CUTE hat from Mandy.

Our trip around the board walk. enjoying the Christmas lights.Johnny was enjoying them... and not to cold out this year.!
Can't forget the sled picture. SAD they didn't have the year on the sled. SO It's 2011!
OPPS not a great picture of RON....

This picture say's it all! Cathy was working Hard.
NEW YEAR 's EVE party at the Pabst's. We were playing UNO... and it lasted for about 2 hours. Linda WON....After helping Jackie with her cards.... Mmm......

Johnny enjoying himself, watching us making him smile. :)Decided to make a lemon PIE... BUT is helping. WAS SO GOOD...
SORRY not sure How I got two pictures... AND I don't know how to take it off... so Enjoy it again!
It's Bed time... so Great time to just enjoy Johnny!

Johnny loved playing with the musical Piano.Ronny enjoying a Happy Johnny.!
Johnny loved getting his toes... even with shoes on!
Our Last few hours with Bob and Johnny! Cathy was busy sewing!