Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 WE had a Family BBQ.....Mike and Debbie with their kids  joined us.
Dave and Ron....
My OLDER  sister BARB  we had the best time!.....
My family at the Memorial Day Ceremonies in Hayden..
The Fly over!
Barbara and Dave  Churilla
My Brother Terry.,  sister Helen and Sister in law  JoAnn.
JoAnn made the wreath.
My Brother and sisters...
MY  Family!
In memory of my brother Jerry... Can't believe its 43 years...
Helen and John.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Had a Wonderful Mother's Days..  Here's ALL my gifts. 

 Was Able to see my Cousin Ella Mae in Boise.  This is Rambo Gordon... shooting the Geese!
 Ron's LAST  Fire Chief  Conference  .  I'm going to Miss this Part.  Was SO Fun getting away!
 I was able to  SPY on Ron.... Our Room over looked this area!  RON in Flower shirt!
 We Walked down to the Capital... Nice little walk on a Sun Shining DAY!
 Saying Good Bye to the Jeppsen... Nice SHORT little visit!...
 Jay put this hat on Jet.... He really didn't like it!
 Jay just being JAY.  Love the Costume!
 We had LUNCH with Mady and Brooklyn  at Subway....  Brooklyn was HUNGRY!
This was a Funny picture... everyone was on their I PAD...   Jappy had won his at a Running Meet!.. Way to GO Jappy!... He was trying for a Mountain bike... I think this is BETTER!