Saturday, November 5, 2011

This is what I got done. Pj's., Ron shirt... Only taken a year to finish... Hair towels, pot holders, aprons. , Oven towels., cowboy boots for Johnny, pillow cases, and me... 5 pairs of panties!..Rod Kent bought up some things we had forgot... and he came with Flowers. Great use of the coffee pot for them!
Linda painted these two paintings in ONE day. Nice JOB!

Karel's projects. Not sure HOW she got anything DONE SHE was always on the phone and Computer. COURSE when I went to bed... she was still sewing!
We did take a break to just... visit!
Our view out the window IF You took time to look out!The Projects Paula got done...
Paula spent most of her time threading her machines.!
Karel was ALWAYS on the PHONE... or Computer. Not sure HOW she got anything done! AND we had Wonderful meals. I Didn't lose Weight on this trip!

Nov 5...... 2011..... WELL its been a while. Lots has happen since I last wrote.....BUT for now I don't want to go into it..... SO Let me just report on what has happen this Last week!.... I was invited to a Sewing retreat with 3 other women. We enjoy 4 days of SEWING.! IT was Wonderful. Been a long time since I enjoyed myself!

Sunday evening we drove up to Arrow point. Left home around 4...Karel Kent thought it would be fun to have a Nice dinner with our Husbands. We had them Pack our stuff up to our Condo!. I didn't pack light!... LOTS of projects I wanted to get done!
I made bread and a apple pie. Linda Brinton made the salad, and Karel did the main meal. Chicken and Rice.. Paula and Jim didn't get up there until around 9... SO waited for them before we enjoyed our Pie. FUN evening just visiting. Once dessert was Gone we sent the husbands Home. SO That started are vacation. Little tv... then off the bed.
I was up and ready to go.... Enjoy my breakfast then hit the sewing machine. We had everything set up and ready in no time....
Paula and I shared the dining room table. I was sewing on PJ's for the boys.... She was working on Hot plate carrier's. BUT she was having trouble with her serger. ONE done I yell.... 2 Done... and Paula was still threading her machine..... 3......I was on a roll...... Before I knew it... Was lunch time....We had a salad...then back at it. First day I got all the pj's done...
Second day... was sewing by 9.... All day until 8 at night.....
Wednesday...The same....By Wednesday Paula had finished her projects and thought she'd better head home.. WE didn't want her to leave..... so sad. I found some fabric for her to use to make aprons. SO she worked on them...Thursday morning we just stayed in bed and visited until 9....... She got up and packed her things and was out the door by 10. I spent my day making under pants for me..... YES I know... Weird thing to work on. BUT I have never bought underwear since I've been Married.... YES 37 years... And they were in SAD Shape..I also worked on apron, Pot holders... and hair towels. LONG DAY by 8 30 pm I had enough. SO I packed up my stuff... and relaxed in front of the TV. Can't believe my time was UP... SO SAD!
I was home by 11 on Friday...NICE to be home.... NOW to stay will my sewing. THAT was my week day... Now to share pictures... see if I remember HOW.!