Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK here a closer look at my squash tree. I have about 4 hubbard squash in this tree and the vine go all around the tree. Pretty cool looking.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm looking out the window and see a deer in our back yard. Ron grab's the b.b. gun and shots the deer 3 times before he runs off. ONLY to return 15 min later. Duncan was kind enough to give chase...... We've put deer netting over the pumpkins and around tomatoes and beans. So far so good. We Just Might be able to enjoy some fresh veggies. I have peas, beans, beets, and cukes just to name a few that we've enjoyed. I also have onions, raspberries, and squash. YUM

Life is good.

I'm finding it Hard to believe July is about over with. Where has the time gone.

We had a wonderful time in Yellowstone. If you haven't been. Plan a trip there. Lots to see and do.
We did it ALL. and seen Lots of Animals. Well No BEAR.... Ron and Jappy saw one FAR FAR AWAY but no picture of him...
Ron and I tried our luck at fishing. Not a bite. Talk with Other Fishing guys and they had no luck either. BUT while we were fishing we had a deer run by us. And maybe 10 mins later a guy is yelling that Wolves took down a deer. I dropped my pole and headed for the road with camera in hand. Ron is picking up the poles and following. Ron see them first, They are on the run.... and Some lady steps right in front of my filming.... BUT I got to see them. Pretty cool.
We saw Lots of Buffaloes. And let's say up close and personnel . We were hiking on this one trail and as we rounded the corner , here was a herd. Bulls, babies, and cow's. Just a little to close . Let's hurry to the bridge....... then take pictures. Pretty exciting. And we got some Great shots.
Every day there was a Buffalo jam..... They were stopping traffic.
We saw Elk, deer, wolves, buffalo, and More buffalo and More buffalo.
It was fun sharing it with our Grandkids. Got lots of pictures..... Hope we can do it again. Oh Ya.... we enjoy spending time with Jenny and Jappy too.
We ate very well. No Weight lost on this trip either. Course with all the hiking I didn't gain either.

We had a lightning and thunder storm a few days ago. And I was enjoying until the next morning. I forgot what wind will do to corn. It took it down. All my hard work.. and in just a few minutes......So we spent the evening standing it back up. It Was about 7 feet tall.....

Ron is helping me stand the corn back up. Let's hope it stay's up.... Need 5 weeks.......
We had a surprise in the garden. This is a Hubbard squash, and growing on our Tree.. Just too funny. There's squash nested on the branches. Let's see if the Deer can get these.....
Here's my corn.... One should Not be prideful, cause the weather is in charge.
Our Animals were playful. I think they missed us. Just give Duncan a ball and he's a Happy camper.
Jack found a stick in the deck... and was having fun playing with it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting ready to leave..... Duncan isn't very happy. He's under the trailer.Jay enjoyed his Lunch....... What a messy boy he was!
This is how Jenny cleaned him UP.
Papa got to feed Jay.... He's not to sure about this.
Mady is Wearing a dress I had made for Jenny.... when she was 13.....

Here's the start of our trip. Just one stop before entering Yellowstone Park. Jeppsen's in Motor home. and Sampert's in the truck and 5 wheel.Lunch time. We Never went hungry on this trip. Had LOTS of food.
So Much to see..... and SMELL........
It was Ice cream time. This was the highlight of the day.
Every day we had to be sprayed. I'm thinking Jenny is Enjoying this to MUCH.

I want to go back and find pictures of my kids at old faithful. with Ron's Folks... and now we have pictures of our grandkids at the same place.... How cool is that.THIS is a Bison......But better known as BUFFALOE We saw LOTS. up close TOO ... every day. EXCEPT the day we left the park. Any time we saw brake lights........ Buffalo on the road.
Jay was happy if he had a stick in hand... and rocks in the mouth... LOVED playing in the dirt.
We enjoyed some BBQ Ribs for dinner. Mady was enjoying her RIBS any BBQ Ribs in the mouth???
Jay's LOVED the wind in his face. He was the happiest climbing. Just like his Uncle Ronny...

We had to enjoy Ice Cream every day.... CAUSE... That's what you do when you go to Yellowstone. That what Mady said. Thanks Mady for that information.I kept asking Jenny when Old Faithful was to go off..... And she kept saying 5.... I have proof..... and SHE WAS WRONG!!!!!! 4 35 good thing I didn't listen to HER.... Thanks Jappy for the right time.
This is how we looked when we saw a Wild Animal......
Brooklyn working on her Junior Ranger badge....With help from Jen.... and Papa.
Mady was enjoying Jappy's Hammock......with Jay. She had just finished working on her's and needed a break. She got to watch JAY ....

The Girls Didn't enjoy the Smells of Yellowstone!They LOVE riding on top of the Motorhome... and down and up and down and UP!
Tried to take photo shots at all the places. Jappy wasn't having Fun with those. Girls loved it!
Ron Didn't like having picture taken either.
We Fished in Yellowstone.......... and NOT ONE BITE... I take that BACK ....I had A LOT of bite's and Not the fish kind!

Mady and Brooklyn earned their Jr. Ranger Badge....... Way to go!Saying Good Bye to the Jeppsen's
We stopped at the Mammoth Falls and had lunch.... This was our view of the Elk. He just sat their for everyone to take a picture of him. YES that's our trailer and truck.
Saying Good Bye to Yellowstone....I ran ahead to get this picture.... Nice. Good bye Yellowstone..... Hello to..........heading HOME

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's Nat, Emma and Karla. They came to our 4th of July Party. It was good visiting with them.Grandkids enjoying a ride with Papa on the 4 wheeler. Jay didn't want to get off.
We did get some Sunday pictures aren't they a good looking family Love you Mady, Brooklyn and little Jay

Here's how we grow Cucumbers in North Idaho. They were 11 inches long and about 3 inches wide. So you can see the size next to my brownie's box. The deer got into my tomatoes and when I was looking to see how much they ATE. alot I found these 2 cukes. We had 3/4 of one for dinner tonight. YUM I also enjoy beets that the deer pulled up. They didn't like them. But enjoy the tops.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great form Jappy on Disc golf Jappy won!Jay enjoying Nana's Strawberries!
We walked around CDA looking for the Moose!
cooling off in the River... VERY COLD but Mady and Brooklyn didn't mind.!

Just fishing with Nana and Papa Not a bite!Wild hair!
Papa got help driving the BOAT
I finally got Mady's swim suit done Don't they look CUTE!

Enjoying the 4th of July parade. We are talking a HOT parade too. Bring on the snow cone!Enjoying the fireworks Pretty cool seeing them from the boat.! Even Jay enjoy them!
Took a hour to get down the river. Some didn't make it!
We took in a Indian's game in Spokane. They won... and so did we. We got a Free Taco, Pancakes and...... slice of Pizza N I C E