Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wind blew my corn over. Spent the next week hilling it up.
We had a dinner to go to at the Templin's. Great food. and Ron looking sharp in his dress uniform!
Came home from the lake and the kids had a Ball in the Pool .... Wasn't as Cold as the lake.
Jappy and Brooklyn were the brave ones. THEY jump in the Lake. Talk about COLD.... they didn't stay in Long.....
Jay SO wanted to go swimming. BUT once he touched the water........ He changed his Mind.....
Fun Day on the Boat!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just in case you didn't know where we are AT.This is how Bobby enjoyed the ocean....
Cathy gather shells.... to make a sign.... NICE I bought some of the shells Home with me.!
Just enjoying the beach....

Our view while enjoying our dinner outside. It had been raining All afternoon..... and course the Flies wanted our FOOD....
BIG Boats behind us....
Waiting for our dinner... It Was worth the wait.
YUM....We order Two things and shared. 45.00 for What you see.!!!

Beautiful Fish.....Resting my Feet. I developed some Sores from all the walking we did.... On Both Feet.... so I didn't enjoy Walking for very long!
Resting after our Whole day of Walking and the lazy river... Course we had just ate too....
Cathy applying lotion...... 6 times a day... and she still got burned! PLUS are home away from HOME....

They are OFF to swim with the Dolphins. I stayed behind to take pictures and film it.
They were FAR away but I got a few pictures of them.
Just getting some information about them...Plus they did some tricks.
Looking good in their wet suits. Thanks for coming over so I could get a Good picture.! YES they kissed the dolphins.... No kissing Ron today...YUK!

This is how we spent our Days..... Going down the lazy river. Very relaxing.We got plenty of Sun on our Front legs and arms.... Little pale on the back side. OK my Shoulders did get Some Color...
I Walked All over the Resort looking for this Flower........ They ONLY had ONE blooming.
This sea horse was in the kiddie's pool.

While walking around we smelt Hamburgers.... MM............ YUM.... Why not.... it's our last day. SO we'll just have a little snack...... Course Cathy had a veggie burger. Sure tasted good... and wasn't to bad $8.00 for drink , fries and burger.... THAT was a real Bargain!Cathy was staring down this fish....

What a view. over looking the resort.YES we played a few games... Ron and I lost... but it was FUN....

They got snorkeling gear from the dolphin swim so we put them to use....So FUN. We saw LOTS of fish. Mainly yellow and Black. They would come right up to you.... almost... ALMOST could touch them.This was our view snorkeling.
Just Waiting for the Bus to take us back to get our luggage. Heading HOME. SO SAD :(
We had Breakfast OUT this morning. So much to choice from... $ 25.00 a person for All you can EAT... I enjoyed the fresh Pineapple.... YUM

From this point you can see Sharks... baby ones.... and sting rays. Fun to watch them.
Picture of the ocean..... on the other side is the pools.... Most people didn't swim in the ocean!
Our Taxi ride to the airport.
I think Ron was just a little tired. Our phane ride to Denver.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OK I know its been a while... BUT life is busy... even for a stay at home Wife.

We finally got the fruit trees all trimmed back and bush pick up. Then we had a BIG wind storm which made a mess out of our yard. SO instead of having a Saturday off.... We'll be cleaning up the yard.
Ron and I have been planning for retirement and in doing so decided we need to have insulation blown in the attic. SO we got that job day.... so that's marked off the list.
We also talked about getting a new car . One that should last us for a while. I've been wanting a bigger car. One that will go thru snow If I decided to drive south to see Jen and family.. and one to Hold more then 4 people. ROOM for grandkids and parents.... SO I found a Honda Pilot..... 2009 Used with 8000 miles.. It's really a pretty car. I can see out.... and not at truck tires. We felt like we got a good deal. Course they keep adding charges on it.. SO Now I'm not so sure. It Really better last us 7 YEARS..... At less.... We did get Oil changes for LIFE so that's cool.... and Free car wash... WHEN we have service done.... I could use a car wash right now.... OH WELL.
SO far Haven't gone very far.. Only to curves and Super one. BUT in 4 weeks we'll be heading to Pocatello So we'll find out then How we like it for Trips. Taking Grandma Gordon with. SO Taking Movies to keep her entertained.

WHERE to START.....This is how Ron likes to trim This apple tree... WAS A MESS... BUT we are Done for the YEAR.... I think we should take it off at the Bottom!!!

Out with the OLD.....In with the NEW...... Room for my Grandkids.... TO BAD they don't live closer... BUT if they Should come for a Visit........ We have ROOM for Kids and Parents.......

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jay loves his NaNa!Jay's helping Jen with her Breakfast.
Jay Needs another BITE!
Checking out the box..... Beat you didn't know Jay could read!

Mady looking cute in her Christmas dress I bought her. Decided Not to wait for Christmas... Size 14 and it JUST fits.
HEY Jay... its not a riding toy!
Don't we look good. Heading to Church. Brooklyn was Sick so she didn't want to put her dress on... YES Matching Dresses for the Girls.
Jay loves his FOOD! He's showing me his food. Thanks Jay.