Monday, April 30, 2012

 We had a Family Pizza evening to remember Mom.  Can't believe it will be a whole year on Saturday.
 Mike and Knowlton
 My  Family.
 We really had a nice visit with everyone....
 We took flowers to put on the memorial for Jerry.
 Afterward I took Helen to lunch.
 JET and those  Big  Brown Eyes.
 We had lunch at Paul Bunyan's  Helen and John came by for a visit.. Jappy enjoying his Milk Shake!
 I think Jet's ready for a NAP!  He's enjoying the Milk shake too!
 Helen gave the kids all a sucker .
Jay seeing his Hot wheels.  I think he's excited!

April 30 2012...  Ron has been retired ONE  Month.  How crazy is that.... Not sure WHERE the time has gone.  Is he driving me Crazy??   Not YET.  LOVE having him home.   We share 3 meals a day.... WHICH is the weird part.  Not use to that.... BUT he get's up and clears the table and start washing the dishes.....  NICE!.
LOVE no alarm clock going off.... but we still are  waking  up at 6... or we did in the beginning... Got to 8 just last week....
Ron's  been working WAY to Hard..  Getting the yard work done, putting up a light in the field down by the wood shed,  draining the pool, mowing the yard., tilling the garden....  and cleaning in his shop...  I  take a Nap.... I know how this retirement is to WORK!
WE did get the potatoes, onions , carrots, and beets in the garden Saturday... Rest will go in when we get back from Boise.  Finding it hard to believe garden season is ALL MOST HERE.!... SO Ready for FRESH  veggies!.. NOT the weeding... BUT I'll have HELP.....;)

 Food wasn't coming FAST enough for Johnny...
 Enjoying a Family lunch...
 Mady celebrated her birthday with a cookie Pizza.
 WHICH was very  good!
 April 21 2012 we had a Family lunch at the Olive Garden.... Helen and John came too.. Food was GREAT and the Clean up was AWESOME!
 Birthday GIRL!
 Papa ordered Cheese cakes for Birthday GIRL  ... we all sang to Mady!
 Time to get measured.... been a whole Year!...JET  wasn't to sure about this!
Grandpa had kits of birds houses for them to do.   They had fun painting them.!....and making them!

 This will be the Project Ron will be working on for the next few MONTHS... Maybe YEARS.....BUT if it keeps him out of my hair...... it will be JUST  fine!
 I LOVE Retirement....  First time I didn't have to till the garden.... LOVE  IT!
 Laurie Coles  HILL stopped by for a visit.  A OLD friend.  We grow up together in Church!...She lived in Post Falls... and was in the Dalton Ward!
 Grandkids had fun on the 4 wheelers... in-between  the Rain showers....
 Mady  Was having FUN....
Brooklyn is the Wild ONE!
JET wanted to go!
We got Jay Hot wheels so he won't feel left out!

Enjoying the finger food and CAKE!

 Bruce and Teri came  Nice seeing them...
 Ron sharing his feelings of his 37 years of service..
 RON wasn't  to upset with me with his gift.  NEW  Ladder from the KIDS....  and I got him overalls, weeding bucket with weeding tools and gloves.  Everyone got a Good laugh over that!
 OH  Forgot about the knee pads too...
 Larry built Ron a shadow box with all his Patches and Medals.
Larry was telling about what they had Planned on getting him after talking with me....Overalls, knee pads, garden tools.  BUT decided on something to take him away from Yard work..... Not knowing that's what I had got him...  WAS  Way to funny!  They gave him a fishing Pontoon float.  Very nice.  RON will LOVE  IT.  BUT its for ONE!

Johnny waiting for his Birthday cake!

 Cousins enjoying some time together!
 Early Birthday gifts from Nana and Papa.!   Johnny will be turning 1 April 27!
 Johnny's not to sure WHAT to do with his Cake.!
 He needed HELP!...
Brooklyn Thought Ron's head was COLD

Monday, April 23, 2012

Johnny was having fun hanging upside down!  They are getting ready to head HOME....

 Johnny enjoying his birthday  cake EARLY
 We found him some Fire Outfits...
Cousins'....  Johnny and JET...  HOPE they will be Good Friends.

Jet Saying good bye to Lilo

Monday, April 9, 2012

Start of our trip... Ron and Johnny hanging out watching TV. LOVE Johnny's face.Just like a little bird.!

Johnny had a special place to watch the Show!Family shot!

LOVE Watching the water show.!Johnny got wore out walking the streets of Vegas

Everyone enjoy the POOL!
First night in our vacation Home!
All our Grandkids in front of the San Diego Temple.Sampert Family!
Jeppsen Family

Sampert family at the San Diego TempleWe went to the San Diego Visiting Center and enjoyed a tour by the Day's. Highlight of our trip!
GOT shows to enjoy! Boxes that move! Pictures that talked! AWESOME!
Panning for GOLD!

Great Weather for Kite flying. All the boys enjoyed that!We are Looking Pretty OLD.... SO FUN being with all our kids... and grandkids.!
Never enough pictures of all of us!

Kids enjoyed checking out the Tide pools. Didn't see much in them!
We spent a few hours at the ocean.Our start into SEAWORLD!
LOVE the Show!
People got WET!

I Really enjoy the Shamu Show... I could had watched them again... IF it wasn't pouring down RAIN at the 5 o'clock show.!We enjoyed Lunch in the parking lot!
SO First Ride at Sea World!
I LOVE Mady's Face on this ride.