Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jen was giving pointers to Mady. She got the shifting down . They were Pretty good about taking Turns....
Course when One was Driving .... the others were Riding the other machine with Grandpa. Course Ron would let them Drive....... WHEN Jay wasn't on the 4 wheeler!

NEW TOY for our Grand kids. And its RED.... I LOVE the Color. OH MY Brooklyn is a Wild driver!Carolyn Peterson and Joanna Wiscombe! Louise Cramer passed away and they wanted to have a Service up here. Ron took charge of the memorial and He did a Great Job. I took care of the luncheon!
We had the Best visit.... I HOPE we can stay in touch. It's been over 30 years since I last saw Joanna...

OH MY March is almost over with.! I'm so ready for SUN SHINE... It's been Raining NO STOP!

Won't be long now until I'll be getting my Hands and Feet Dirty....... Garden time is JUST around the Corner!
We had a Wonderful Time with the Jeppsen Family. Was so FUN spending time with JET. I Miss seeing him Grow!
Course Ron spent most of his time with the Girls! Jay TOO!
Ron thought they girls needed a 4 wheeler of there own to drive. SO he began shopping on line for one. We found one in Spokane. And its RED.
Girls Had a BALL. We Never saw much of them.... IF it wasn't raining.... They were in the field Driving ALL OVER THE FIELD!... And I'm trilled to say. No One Got Hurt... and they wore the helmets whole time Driving! Look like they had a BALL.
Then Ron and Mady built a Bird house. Mady was So proud of her Bird house.! She painted it 3 different colors... and sad to say. Got some paint on her shirt. Sorry JEN!.
I Enjoyed Cooking for a House FULL.. BUT Ron and I have been eating Leftovers since they Left. NOT tonight.... Going to Texas Road House!
Sad Note Louise Cramer passed away. BUT I was able to see and visit with Joanna Wiscombe! SO Good seeing her. I'm HOPING we can stay in touch now.! She's a OLD friend. Went to church and School together. Been wanting to get in touch with her......
SO We'll see if I can get some pictures down loaded. My computer is running a little S L O W
Jared thinks I need to get some Pictures OFF.. WHAT... I only have 10,000.00 PLUS pictures. You would think it could Hold A lot more!.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

LOVE this ........... Boys weren't excited to get a picture here!Had to have a little snack..... We had picked Kai up from Pre school so he was Hungry!
Thought they just wanted to play in the water. BUT there's Fish in the Water. Should had brought a Fishing Pole. BIG FISH!

Ronny was Helping Jaiden and Kai play in the water. I was SURE one would go in.... BUT they didn't.... Surprise surprise!They had 2 baby elephants. SO CUTE!
LOVED this little guy....

LOVE this picture. We are leaving the park......Had a nice lunch... and playing in the water!Someone didn't even make it out of the parking lot!
Jaiden had a little Buddy!

Here's a Real Texas Red Neck Truck we saw! Only in Texas!Jaiden made friends with MISS Piggy!

Had to Sit on the John Deer Tractor! Jaiden waited patience for his turn to drive.
Here Cowboy Kai..... He had fun going around and around and Around....... WHAT my ride is over with????We enjoyed some Ice cream.... With a little helper!
Then we took him on 2 rides. 5.00 Each!