Monday, December 28, 2009

WHAT'S cookin?Got Cathy to wrap gifts for me.
We'll be having FUN to night.

Just relaxing, have to keep my hand up. We got Lilo a CHRISTMAS outfit, I don't think she likes it. But she looks so cute.
BOB AND CATHY help Ron trimmed the tree.
Lilo opening her gift.
BOB taped my sewing room, Ron painted to move my fabric cabinet in. BOB was bragging about not dropping MUD...should had knocked on drop cloth either......too funny.

got to have our sled picture.Oh look we have a cute picture with Lilo.
Enjoying the ginger bread houses, Lilo wanted to try them!
Resort lights, very beautiful.
Just hanging out with a caroler.

waiting our turn to bowl on WII.Ron is taking a break from cooking and cleaning, enjoying his furry grand daughter.
We receive flowers for our CHRISTMAS table from TERRY AND JOANN.
We got in some hand and foot. CATHY won!
WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS breakfast. French toast and sausage.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ron got a BLUR RAY from Bob Cathy and Jared.....I told Ron he couldn't have ONE!Lilo open HER gift from nana and papa.
Cathy was our Santa helper. She handed out the gifts.

Grandma Gordon open her shower gift!One of many boxes so fun!

Jared joined us on the computer as we opened our gifts, then we watched him open his! How cool was that!
Ron is his vest from Jared on..and his hat from me. He'll stay warm!
Lilo talking to Mady so cute.
SEE I can make bread with one hand!
Cathy did the roll making.

Ron built me a fabric cabinet for CHRISTMAS. WHAT won't fix's.........go's to JEN!RON AND BOB playing WII while dinner is cooking. They are hunting.....and loosing!
I'm watching them cook our dinner.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gathering toys and food for Christmas Can you see SANTA?Here's where I spend my days! Got the phone,TV control, drink and a good book to keep me company!

JoAnn had a birthday.They invited me...nice to get OUT!
Hat's I made for CHRISTMAS FOR ALL! That's before my hand surgery.
I was able too hand out the envelops , and made the mistake of saying I took a swing at my husband and missed. The lady then said her husband broke her arm, so she left him! I didn't use that story again! To much video game playing! YA that's a safe story! Could that be TRUE?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have nothing better to do so... going to up date my blog
DEC 10th I had hand surgery done . It's not been a fun week oh wait not even been a week how sad. I'm to go back Dec 23rd to get stitches out, then another week for the pin to come out. Ron is taking great care of me.....and my friend Linda, she here now cleaning for me..mopping my floors, and cleaning my kitchen and gift....she washed my hair!!! What a friend! I'm finding it hard to do things with one hand, opening lunch meat packages, pickles, cutting bread, just to name a few,and forget about opening a bag of CHIPS! I just had to have a strong drink last night, so I was going to have a nice slushy PEPSI AND how was I to open IT! After much thought I used my FEET! Boy did I need that drink.
I have my hand bandaged up to the elbow and I'm to keep it elevated for 2 weeks, not using it for anything. They did a carpal tunnel and removed a bone on my thumb. Which has a pin in it that will be removed in 3 weeks.
So that's what's going on.
I'm just so THANKFUL for Ron's help, and for Linda . Also need to thank my families for the phone calls and e mail.... Looking forward to having Bob and Cathy here for Christmas. Help during the you ALL!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dec. 5th. Just got home from the Kootenai Fire Dist. Christmas party. Our First party of December. And I didn't have to COOK... THAT's the best part. Worst......... No Grandkids to go with us. We miss that. Not sure Where the time has gone. Doesn't seem that long ago , we were taking our little family to the fire station for the party. NOW we go to the Fair Grounds cause the station won't hold everyone. Not a very big turn out. Plenty of food. LOTS of meat and salads left over. LOTS OF MEAT.... Crazy how much they had.

I'm busy trying to get everything done by the 9th of Dec. My Christmas cards are out, baking is done, sewing is Done. WELL I'm still doing kitchen towels... I keep finding more. BUT I Only have 20 left, that I've made. I've lost count.! Grandma Gordon took some off my hands. How thoughtful.
Ron is working on my Fabric Cabinet. I'm so excited. Will be nice having that in my sewing room. HOPEFULLY it will hold All my fabric that is in tubs. What don't go in.... go to Jen, Cathy, or Monika's place. I KNOW they want it. Jared did say their will be a BIG Fight when I die as to who Gets my Fabric!
I do love the Christmas Season. Just seems to come earlier every year. I will miss not having my kids home for the Holiday. We will have Bob and Cathy, BUT We'll be talking to ALL OUR KIDS RIGHT!

Craving of Our BIG Turkey..... Duncan was able to enjoy a few turkey dinners too.LOTS of food for just 3 people. NO one went hungry that's for sure.

Santa comes to Town .... Where's the Fire TRUCK???
HELLO............ Santa. YES I've been Very GOOD! Just don't asked RON!
I'm Surprise Ron is wearing an Santa Hat! Looking Good Don't you think!
Party is over and Time to clean up...