Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well..... It's Thursday , Oct 30th.  I can't believe Oct is about over with.  This month has gone by too fast.

Ron left this morning for Washington DC.  I'm on my own for the week end..  I had plans to go with Suzy to spend the week end with my old Friend Janis.  But Suzy got sick, so Not sure what I want to do.  
I'm thinking......  Sewing week end at home .  I owe Monika some PJ's Bottoms....  ( She's feeling left out).  So that's on my list to do.
Had a wonderful time with my Sister Barbara.  Hated to see them drive away.  But we had a wonderful dinner up at Terry and JoAnn's.  Great Food and fun laughing over the stupid things we did growing up..  OK What Terry did...   ( I was prefect)
Not sure Where the years went.  Too fast anyway.
So enjoy life..  It go's way to fast.

Had a family dinner ,  Helen's on her way to work,.  Always time for a picture with her Granddaughter.

Tanya's Girls All grown up.

Terry and JoAnn had us up for Dinner... Great meal.! Thanks

Brad and Tanya..

Time to Head home from Terry's

together again... for a short time. Barbara is leaving

Sorry I had it up right once. Ron and Dave saying goodbye.

Sorry I had it up right once. Ron and Dave saying goodbye.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday Morning...  Can't believe how fast the time is going.  Just enjoying My sister.  Hate to see them leave tomorrow.

SAD  Helen has had to work the whole time , Haven't had any time with Barbara and David.  She came for dinner , but had to leave right afterward for work.
We are Going to Hudson's for Lunch.  I'm excited for a Hudson Hamburger  .  Didn't think they were open on Monday's.... They are.
Ron got a House fire early this morning.  He got home around 8: 30..But he'll be joining us .  Plans are for David and Ron to go to Cabela's  and Buck knives.  Not sure what Mom Barbara and I will be doing..... Maybe Shopping.  Sounds good to me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Good looking Family, Older and wiser..

OK Here's Barbara, Me Mom Terry and Helen..

This is my Brother Terry and JoAnn

What a Cute Couple!

Sisters and mom of course You can tell we are related.!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OK  It's the Middle of the week.....  But Just wanted to send a picture of Little Jaiden's Costume.  Got a E mail from Monika that she got the costume.  I had told her it was a Tiger costume....  

I just hope it fits.  Hard sewing for Grandkids who are So far away.
I tried putting the picture on the blog But it wouldn't let me.....  So I'll try later.
Yesterday I had lunch with friends from Church.  Vicki Young was Home for a week from her mission.  So we had a little get together.  It was alot of fun visiting with long lost Friends...  But I became very OLD.....  I was enjoying the menu when I saw the Senior age.........55...........NOW I'M 
The leaves are falling fast now.  Can home from running errands and it was raining LEAVES!  It was So pretty and me without my camera.
Still cleaning, getting ready for my sister.  This week end.  Sad its only for a few days.
No Big plans for her visit.  Just waiting to see What they want to do.
OK I'll see if this will post. Later

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a beautiful Sunset we had Friday night!

We moved into the new shed. This is closer to the garden now.

We found a fun way to move the bush..... Guess who got to do the Fun PART... I was the one to pile up the bush and rake.!!

This picture is for Brooklyn... He's one eye Jack enjoying our fall weather.

We found a faster way to trim the bushes....

It was a beautiful Sunday, so we went for a bike ride. A little too long. But it was wonderful to enjoy the fall day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Sunday evening.... just got done with dinner.  Ron and I enjoyed a walk around the yard... I LOVE this time of the Season...  The garden is DONE, and plowed under  NO MORE WEEDS.  But I do miss the Veggies.  We still have a few Tomatoes I had picked before the big frost.  It went right thru the plastic  :(  very sad to loose all my tomatoes....

Big NEWS,  All the pumpkins Sold,.....  Which was Very amazing to me.  I made 83.70.  Next year I'm planting a lot more...
Today was Beautiful out.  So after lunch Ron and I went for a bike ride.  (Just a little too far for me.)  I was Wore out when we got back. ( One hour Later.)  But we enjoy the Beautiful Fall colors and the Nice warmth from the sun.
We had Hope to enjoy a meal with Bruce, but he cancel at the last min.  But we made an apple pie for dessert, so we are HOPING he'll be stopping by for that.
This week end we worked in the Yard.  Getting things ready for winter.  We Did find some way's to have fun also...  Hopefully I'll get pictures on the blog tomorrow.
Not much excitement here, and for us, that's a good thing.
At less I did get Jaiden's costume done and in the mail.  Can't wait to see pictures of Jaiden in it.
No big plans for the week.  Just Cleaning..  My sister Barbara and her husband fly's in Saturday.  So Excited to see them..  I'll be taking LOTS of pictures.
Enjoy the season..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Nice to get away... but always nice to be home too.  No place like home right!

We had a wonderful time visiting with our daughter and family.  LOVE spending time with the grandkids.  We were able to play games, watch movies, and just enjoy them.  Course just holding little Jay.....He's So CUTE......  We miss seeing him grow....Just in one Month we couldn't get over how much he had changed.
Our drive home was NOT fun.  We woke to about 4 inches of snow......  so our drive was snow covered roads until we got to Missoula.  From there,  Blue sky, sun shine and DRY ROAD.....To bad it was the short part of our trip...  
We Keep hoping to make a trip down to see Kai and Jaiden. Been over 5 months since we have seen them.... and Jaiden was Pretty little...So nice to have the internet so we can watch him grow.
It's looking like it won't be until January now for our trip to Texas.   
 It's turned cold here.  The garden is done.  Just need to clear it now.  Still selling pumpkins.  Only have about 30 left....  give or take a pumpkin.

Ron is getting ready for his Fire department Physical.  Its to take place Saturday.  It's a 7 min. course he has to run...pulling hoses, a dummy , stairs to go up.....  I should go and take pictures of it....But Not sure Ron would like me doing that.... 
Had my first Pack Meeting.  Late getting started and we were done my 6 :45..   Short and sweet 
Nice that its just a small group of boys.  
The leaves are falling so we have Lots to do this week end.  Hopefully have a little time to Just enjoy the season.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

While in Boise we were able to stop and visit with my very dear friend Tina, and her husband Bill. We were the best of friends growing up in Hayden.

baby Jay smiling at Grandpa!

Just spending time with my grandkids.

Having fun before bed time! Jappy makes a great HORSE

Group Hug...........Its bed time at the Jeppsen's

Baby Jay Jeppsen , born Aug 12th 2008

Brooklyn in her New Cowgirl costume I made for her. What a nice Grandma she has!!

Jenny wanted me to cut Jay's Hair..... I refuse to do so..... so she cut his hair...Jay ,slept thru the hair cut.

What good looking Grandkids we have in Pocatello! That's Mady, Brooklyn and Baby Jay!

What a good looking family don't you think!

This was our drive home from Pocatello, NOT a fun drive AT ALL. Like this until we got to Missoula!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We 've had a busy week end.  Just trying to get things done before the snow fly's.  Our big thing was to get the wood pile burned.  Poor timing as it rain friday night.  All night too.  So the wood pile was a little wet.  We had covered most of it.  So It just took a while for it to go away.  

While watching it.  Ron split wood.  We'll stay warm this winter that's for sure.
As for me, I'm busy selling pumpkins.  So far I've made $51.00.  Not bad, and have about 30 more to go.
Ron had joined NIC weight lost group in May.  His big weigh in was Saturday.  He had lost 20 pounds.  So proud of him...  To celebrate we ate at Hudson's,  and I made an apple pie.  Share it with the Englands.  That way we didn't eat the Whole pie.  Plus had a nice visit with them.  I taught Karla how to play hand and foot....  She's a Fast learner, and won the game.  It was a great evening .  
We leave tomorrow  Monday for Boise.  We'll be gone for 6 days.  Our plans are to stop at the Jeppsen's to enjoy our Grandchildrens.  So More later.  Enjoy the week everyone.!

We got the bush pile burned I tried to get a picture when we set it off. But my battery was dead on the camera. So this is what you get.

Ron had his weigh in..... He lost 20 pounds. WAY TO GO RON!

First stop after weight in.... Hudson's YUM! I'll take another !