Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today they honor Ron for 30 years of service.  Really it's been 33 and half years.  But Who's counting.... Not me....

I Can't believe its been that long.  At times it seems longer... and others, Not so long.
It's been a Big part of our lives together.  We have been married 34 and half years.  So Only one year not with the fire department.  And to think Ron wants to retirer in 2 years... or less. 
They had a nice luncheon, with Cold cuts, shimp, chicken wings , BBQ of course, meat balls, veggie tray's, and Chocolate cake for dessert.  It was very nice.
Very proud of Ron, He's work very hard for the fire department.  And has put up with My complaining about the Fire department and All The MEETINGS, he has to go too.!!!  I find it hard to believe its been 33 and half years.....Not sure Where the time has gone.  May their be a few more years....

The Fire department put on a luncheon to honor Ron and 5 others for their 20 plus years of service. Ron has 30 in with Kootenai County.

Ron with 2 of his commissioner's

Ron gave a little speech thanking fire fighter, and his bride of 34 years.. That would be ME!!

Ron received a certificate of Appreciation for 30 years of service

I had a visitor while eating my lunch!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Nov 12th.  Not sure Where the time is going.  Nothing exciting is happening in Dalton.

We have been trying to get things done before the snow falls.  Ron and I got the pipes off
the field Saturday.  This is when we really miss the kids.  
We also worked on leaves.  More yet to fall.
I had my second pack meeting last night......  it way smooth.... so 2 down....????to go
Its been wonderful NOT being in the garden,  But I do miss the fresh veggies.  Still trying
to get ruin of Apples.. we still have LOTS.
I've been working on our Alaska pictures.  I've got 8 pages done... Hopefully by the week end I'll be done.  So that's exciting.
Only our other 2 cruises to do!!!
and grand babies
and other trips.
OK  So I won't be done for awhile.    Who was it that got me started doing scrap books anyway...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nice picture   Looking good.!

Ron was able to go to Washington DC for a Fire Chief Conference.  Spent 3 days there.  While I got to stay home and take care of the animals..

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't believe its Nov.......  the 3rd.

Ron got home Sunday morning from Washington DC.  He was gone for 3 days.  I had Big plans..  Which All fell thru.  I did get the apples all picked, and didn't even fall out of the trees....
Plus was Able to sew PJ bottoms for Monika, Kai, and Jaiden.   Now to get them in the mail.  They have been waiting since last Christmas for them..  Thanks for not giving up on me.  
I also got started sewing for the Fair.  I know.... shocking.  But nothing is done YET.  
Today was my weigh in at Curves.  I had joined in January of this year.  And I reached my goal.  I made it to the 2 foot wall.... Plus lost 12 pounds.  So I'm excited...  I have LOTS more to loose but every little bite help.  So total inches lost is 24 3/4 inches.....  WAY TO GO!!!