Thursday, February 19, 2009

This was So Funny.  They did a skit.  This is Ron's Shoe...  He's can tell the future   Told us Ron would be going on a Cold Trip very SOON.... and threw his Shoe out the Window.  TOO FUNNY

It's Feb. 19th.  The month is over half way.... Can you believe it.  I'm Trying to stay busy, But sometime I just wonder When Spring is going to GET HERE...  So tired of this White STUFF... Need Sunshine.

I did get a ticket to fly out to see Ronny and Monika.... and Kai and Jaiden.  But don't leave until April 15th.  2 months away.
I'm also going down to see Jen and Family... Next Wednesday... I hope.  Val Pearson wanted to see Julie Ann ... and asked if I'd like to go along for the ride.  BUT IF it snows.. she won't go...  So PRAY for SUNSHINE
Ron is Busy with Scouts.  Took them to the Fire Station... OH MY.. They were like little monkey's.  Climbing on EVERYTHING.... and Course you have to try things on... Pretty Crazy.!
  And that only 2 boys to look after...I was wore out....
They LOVED sitting in the fire trucks!
We had a going away luncheon for Lisa Peterson,  She moving to the Coast.  Leaving Friday.  SAD to see her go..  Only been a member for about one year... and half..   Just a Very Happy person...  She'll be missed.
I'm busy quilting...  Working on a baby quilt.  Its for the FAIR... YES you heard me.  I'm doing things for the fair..  I know this is shocking for Most...  I also have a jumper about done.  Just need to do Button's.  SO I have One tied quilt,  Done... and jumper and baby quilt Almost done...  3 things for the fair.
I best get down stairs and work on them.. Later

Blue and Gold night.   Ron handed out Doug Fir's to everyone..... Don't you just love a man in Uniform!For Their pack meeting, Ron took them to the Fire station..  They had to try everything on...

We had a Good bye luncheon for Lisa  in the middle..... She moving out of our WARD...

Monday, February 9, 2009

We had a busy week end..  Two dinner's, Friday night was the Northwest Fire Chief Banquet.  Held out at the Coeur d'Alene Casino.  I had a Great time.  

Saturday evening was Ron's Fire Department Award Banquet.  Great food and Ron won a basket of goodies.  Ron also is receiving a 30 year ring.  But its in the mail.....
Afterward we made a stop at the Hamner's.  Bruce's kids were up for the week end.  It was so good seeing them...  And Chris has Lost... alot of weight.  Staying busy with outdoor sport's.  He looks GREAT   Way to go Chris.
It's been a year since Sandy my  BEST Friend passed away.  I miss her, I find myself reaching for the phone to just call her to say Hello.  Take time to keep in touch with your Friends and Family.  You just never know....
Life is short.... so enjoy.....and stay safe....

I finished my quilt..... tied and hemmed.  Looks Great on our bed.  PLUS feels good on these Cold Winter Nights!

Chief Sampert.... with the Deputy Chiefs behind him....

Ron received an award for 30 years of service.    BUT  its in the mail!Commissioner Keith Hutcheson , with Ron and Len Border's 
Jessie and Owen up from Portland    It was great seeing them for a short visit.  

Had a wonderful visit with the Hamner's....  Jessie, owen, Becky and ChrisBruce was kind enough not to dress up for our visit!  Looking Comfortable!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's the  cards I got from card club.  Mine is the right top,  Using my New Ribbon threading punch.  The plaque is the gift I got from our Christmas exchange..
Here's our little card club group.  Berta,  Lisa, Margaret, and course ME.  With our gifts.
Here's another picture with Karla.. Lisa , Margaret, and again... ME....Karla Took my gift.....But I'm happy with my plaque...I'm Going to Michael's to get the paper organizer... 

Working on our king size quilt...  I'm half way there.  how exciting.
Our New cabinet Ron just finished.  Just need door knob's.   This will have two tables you pull out .  Tried to tell him this would be Great for my Card making...  This cabinet is for RON....  Hunting and fishing....He might have to share !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jared Left Yesterday.......:(

So I'm trying to stay busy and Not miss my kids.  At these times I wish I had more kids.....
Ron has meetings all week... so I'll be spending time in front of the tv...   
I'm finishing up my quilt.... So need to watch something as I sew.  I have one side about 3/4 done.... Only 3 1/4 to go..
I'm excited to get it done and add some color to our room.  Ron thinks I need to make curtains to go with.  I like it just the way it is..  Less work for ME!!!
I find it hard to believe we are in Feb.  Where are the months going??
As I look ahead, I see the time going faster...... or I'm moving slower.
I feel very blessed.  Ron and I are planning ahead for when Ron Retiree's.  Which could be in one year.  We are trying to get out of debt, and put money into saving.  Never thought we would reach this goal.  But its getting closer.  It's exciting to think about.  We want to travel the USA in our trailer.  ALso go back to Alaska for a month... or more.  I want to take another Cruise..   ( Ron Doesn't)  So We'll see who win's.  I might just surprise him with a trip..
But fun to make plans.  We will be stopping in Pocatello, Webster Texas,  Provo, and Lacey Washington to name a few places.  
We have talked about taking Everyone of our kids on a Vacation....  Brooklyn wants Hawaii....  No one else had said where they want to go.  I vote for a Warm place... Cruise would be nice.
Need to put your votes in to where we will..  (Or Ron will pick Alaska.)
So take the time to put your ideals in....Only a year to plan our trip..