Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeppsen's arrived.... At Midnight our time. What a wonderful reunion. Course You see who they wanted to be with.!Mady liked Papa New Christmas hat! Didn't have the heart to tell her a Rabbit gave up his fur for this Hat!
Mady and Brooklyn found another use for the tubes you crawl thru. They make Wonderful Dresses... Jay wasn't to Happy about that!

Happy New Year... 2010.... WHAT will this year bring.... I feel very blessed, Ron and I had opportunity to do some traveling this Pass Year. SO Hopefully we'll be able to take More trip this year.

We had a Wonderful Christmas, and a surprise visit from the Jeppsen's. I LOVED the visit. BUT they didn't I'm sure. It was a working vacation for them. They spent 3 days cleaning, painting, and CLEANING... on their house in Hayden. I got the job of babysitting. I loved spending time with Mady, Brooklyn and Jay. VERY busy kids. And changing diapers with One hand.... Interesting. Wasn't able to work in any naps while they were here. SO Come Monday..... I slept IN. Ron spent his evening working on things to get it ready for a new renter. WHICH we hope will be REAL SOON.. I can't believe people could destroy something that doesn't belongs to them. Ron spent many hours just doing odd jobs. Last one was cleaning out the gutter's. Made me very nerves him being on the roof. He's No Young Chick anymore. BUT he was very careful! SO no falls... He was Soaking WET. I helped by holding the ladder and passing the hose up to him. A Very important job. PLUS worked on a ink stain... It won!
Sunday we drove out to look for Eagles .... Closer we got to the lake.. it got fogger.... SO Not only could we Not see Eagles...... we couldn't even see the LAKE. Crazy. SO We headed home and in this pine tree next to the road was a Eagle. Got some Great pictures of him..... And we also saw 3 wild turkey's. They are a very Ugly Bird!...I hear they taste Pretty GOOD.
I'm still recovery from my hand surgery. Each day its a little better. STILL takes me All day to do my housework....and I work in a nap. Ron has been a BIG help with cooking and dishes. Still can't open jars, or open cans. Dishes are hard for me too . Just try doing things without using your thumb.... or using one hand. It's a real eye opener.
I go to the doctor's tomorrow. SO Let's hope he gives me Good News.
I did start back to curves, and I have All yellow dots Except for 2 green.... THAT's Really BAD.
My kids gave me a WII.... fitness so I've been doing that. It's a work out. And I lost 2 inch around my waist... and 1 inch on my abdomen. SO It WORKS . SO get those hula Hoops out if you want to trim down.
I just want you to know I have Great Kids.... Been fun seeing them these last 2 months. Jared is coming home for a week... MONDAY. So I have that to look forward too. Someone to help with Cooking, cleaning....laundry, folding clothes, and Playing card with...Thanks Jared !

Breakfast. Jay good at feeding himself.rubbing noses with Papa.
Papa is sharing his orange's.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brooklyn is waiting for the go ahead and PLAY!Jay Like climbing up the slide.
One more TIME!
Jay is heading up... all by himself!

We had Burger King before heading up to Jen's place. Again.... Papa get's the kids!I don't think Helen is awake!... They were LATE!
Mady and Brooklyn wanted a picture with Aunt Mae!
Jay's not to sure....

Jay was having fun on his little car!Got in some bowling.... and work out on WII.
Movie time... and playing in the tent. Need a bigger living room for all the STUFF!
Jay was talking to someone.... Nice Hair...

Girls wanted to sit By Papa....Mady order a reg shrimp dinner and ate the whole thing!
Brooklyn was excited they server breakfast... french toast for her..... and she didn't share either.
Just Jay being Jay..... he SO cute!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a Cheezy Family!Little Jay. He Enjoys his Food!
Papa with his Girls. They were pretty sad they didn't get to see Papa very Much! I enjoyed my time with them!
Jay Loves Strawberries and Powder Donuts. YUM
For 2 weeks we've been working on Jen and Jappy house in Hayden. Trying to get it ready to rent.. We finished today. Ron got the leaves and JUNK out of the gutter's I trimmed on the bush by the stairs.. WE ARE DONE.