Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today was a free fishing day. So Ron and I headed to the Coeur d 'Alene River. It started out to be a nice day.... BUT it turned to black clouds. We had thunder and lightning as we were getting ready...... And that was ok....Had a ball... Lots of bits.... just only landed 3 fish..... They were biting and jumping out of the water. I'd get excited and ripe the hook right out of their mouths. Still fun... BUT before we knew it... the storm got closer........ and louder...... and then the rain came. It was time for us to leave. We got wet.

I wanted to stay BUT then the thunder and lightning got Really CLOSE....... I'm out of here.
On the drive down I saw something in the water.. So Ron took the exit to check it out.... We saw 2 moose. It was exciting.... In North Idaho. How cool is that. But they weren't very close. I got some great shots with the movie camera.
Still fun to watch them.

We saw 2 moose on our way to the river... Didn't see these in Alaska!!!Ron caught the first one!
Here proof..... I caught one too.....
And this one.... it was a baby I know.... but it still counts! Not much of a fight.....
Don't you Just love my Outfit!! It's Pouring on us... I'm staying under the tree...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can't believe its June 11th..... I've gone to Texas, Portland, Seattle, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, AND Alaska in the last 2 months. I'm done traveling..... for awhile. It's been Great Seeing my kids..... and Grandkids.

Jenny was up with the Girls.... and little Jay this last week.... And with them... they were kind enough to share the stomach bug with us.... So I was able to get a day of rest.....and Ron..... 2 days.
We had a PACKED Saturday. Everyone was feeling good. We took the girls Fishing. We had a great time feeding the fish. They kept taking the worms.... But Brooklyn caught 3 fish.... Mady 2.
The last one I was trying to get a picture of Mady with her fish When it smacked her in the face. It was SO Funny.......
BUT. on the way home Brooklyn was NOT Happy.... and when she saw her mom she started to cry...... " Papa threw my fishes back in the lake.!!!" She wanted to keep them... But she didn't want to eat them.... It was Funny...... But not to her.
We still had a great time. Ron will need to buy a new Reel as he lost the back of one...after casting it.....
Then it was the Fire station open house. They had a climbing wall and to my surprise Both Mady and Brooklyn wanted to climb it. I was surprised...... Mady is a little spider.... up she problem......and down.
Brooklyn..... she got 2/3 up.... and wasn't going any farther. BUT didn't know How to come down. So There she hung.... Finally the guy was able to talk her thru it..... and she was fine. I knew I wasn't Going up after her....Got some great pictures. Just a fun day for all.
We hated to see them leave Sunday Morning.
BUT they will be back for the 4th along with Jared, Bob and Cathy and Course Jappy will come this time also.
Sorry that Ronny and Monika aren't able to get away. They will be missed.
SO I've been busy doing Garden and Yard work.....Never ending that's for sure.
I decided to help Ron out by Mowing the Field. I got my music, sun screen, Hat and Water and headed to the field. I Can do this. (I"ve NEVER ran the mower on the tractor)......
So I made 3 passes when I decided to mow closer around the building. BIG mistake. I got into WIRE..... WHICH wrapped around the blades. I thought I got it all. BUT it wasn't working. SO I had to call Ron and inform him I broke the mower. I was surprise he wasn't really mad at me...
He took it off..... we tipped it over..... spin the blades.... and it was working just FINE... DUMB thing anyway. So we put it back on.. took it out to the field and its running just Fine. I'm sure it just didn't like ME! I wasn't to crazy about it either...... Ron's out mowing now.... I HOPE he finishes ..... No chance of that.
So that's been my week.
Life is good. Looking forward to JULY

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jay getting up close with DuncanJust to cute!
Jay didn't mind the grass or dirt.
Jay LOVED this little broom  He wasn't much help with using it.....

Having fun on the 4 wheeler with PapaWhat cute girls
Jenny and Brooklyn's new Hair cuts... so cute
The girls wanted to give Duncan a bath.... NOTE.... where the water is running off and on too!

Duncan will be glad to see the girls go home!

Jay LOVED the pool  he didn't want to get out.He didn't want to share it either
Karla England stopped over to see the kids

Had to go over and see Nate and Emma
This is at the Hayden Court house......  They rededicated this when Ron and I were in Alaska,  This was for my brother killed in Vietnam.

Girls help to dig the worms up... OK  They hold the bucket.Mady's had LOTS of bite's... here's her FIRST Fish!
Brooklyn was kind of bored with the fishing  but she caught 3...
look at the Face.... it changed when Papa threw the fish back into the lake.
Mady's second fish she caught... NOTE   Brooklyn in the Back Ground.  She was NOT happy with Papa...  we didn't keep any of the fish they caught.

girls had fun coloring our drive way
Jay and Papa
Jay got stuck behind the fan and our closet door
Brooklyn on the climbing wall
Mady made it to the top... Way to go..... She wanted to go again.!

Cute picture with the Jeppsen family in the fire truck!Brooklyn ran the course......
Waiting for Mady to come out of the boucing fire truck

Brooklyn enjoying a Hot Dog.  Ron got Mady and Brooklyn one.... WHERE'S MINE?
Time to leave.... just one more picture.  I LOVE this Want to BE Fire TRUCK

Jay wasn't to sure about Duncan,  but Duncan liked Jay  He didn't make him run after a BALL  or Go for a WALK!future Golfer
Jack Loved to be hold.... by anyone......even Brooklyn!  Cute hair cut too...  On Brooklyn Not the cat.!
Our last night together   just enjoying the back yard and fire pit
Had to make some Mores.....Girls enjoy that.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our luggages....  Just waiting for the guys to park the car.....then on to the ship.Getting thru the lines.... and more lines  and more waiting....
OK  me got this far... on to the ship for the next 7 days!
Our First look at our Room.... WHAT......  bunk BED?   Single Couch..?    We get the BED!
saying Good bye to Seattle.... .. HELLO   ALASKA!

Our first of many meals.... YUMFire drill  Don't we look cool in our jacket's?
Fire boat was showing off.  Bob and Ron thought they needed a nap so missed it.  Good thing I got a picture!
Cathy and I were hanging out in the crow's nest
Once around the ship.... and Course found a place for a picture...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yummy dessert   strawberry cheesecake.                                              Just Relaxing by the pool!
                                              We took a tour of the kitchen...
                                                      HEAD Chief
                                               Bob and Cathy on Formal night.  Love Cathy's dress

                                                    It was Fun dressing up....  BUT  Bob and Ron  didn't