Saturday, June 30, 2012

 We decided to seal our drive way.   This will be the LAST  TIME....
 Very BACK  BREAKING   WORK.  Took two days doing it... and Only had to go to BIG  R   3 Times...
Went Garage Selling  and LOOK what we FOUND.....  Our Grandkids are Going to LOVE coming to  Nana's and Papa's HOUSE!.....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Enjoyed  lunch with my Cousins... Ella Mae Gordon...  and Lilly Gordon McPoland.   

 We are having our trees trimmed up..  The before SHOT!
 Also these trees North of the garden.   I'm Wondering if My CORN will be knee high by the 4th?
 My Bird baths isn't just for Birds!
 The After shot of the North trees... I really Don't like that ONE  Branch!..  This morning there was about 10 birds sitting on it!... Too Funny!
Ron built shelves under the stairs for me... LOVE it.  Only problem they fit this Plastic tub we got from Costco..... and they were all out when we went to buy some!...  Mmmmm

Monday, June 11, 2012

 Chris Ross got married 6 /9/12  He looks So like his Brother....
 Here's Linda and Eddie.  We had a Nice visit... and was surprised to see that Linda is expecting twins.    A boy and a Girl....
 YES  it was Raining for the Wedding.!
 Proud Parents Jeff and Lori Ross
 These glasses were HUGE!........
 Ron's family....... Lori and Dan!
 Dan's kids.... Eddie and Linda  Sampert
 And Here are the Cousin's... Our family was Missing!  So this is Jessie, Rachel, Linda, Eddie, and Cecil  With her 2 boys.
We got Home around 7 30  and Ron's cousin's were in town so they stopped by.  We had a Nice visit.  They are from Portland...  His Father was Reny's Brother....Lloyd Gissel.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 You would think we lived in the Country!...  Wild life Right in our Back Yard.....
 IF they weren't Eating my Garden... I would Love seeing them!.... HE's eyeing my CORN!
 Here's my Potatoes.... They were really big until the deer found  them... Had to put netting over them!  2 rows weeded and hilled up!
I'm making these for Birthday / and Christmas Gifts...  And YES  for the fair!