Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.... So much to be thankful for. We had a Wonderful trip to Texas and then on to Florida . So hard to come back to COLD IDAHO. Great weather... in the 70's in Houston, and 80's for Florida.

We were on a dead run the whole time. Something every day.
Jaiden was a Very busy little boy. Couldn't help but watched him in aye . He'll be 2 Dec 20th. Can you Believe it. Very active, and learning more every day. He knows how to climb up the ladder to go down the slide All by himself. SO CUTE
We enjoyed DisneyLand. BUT its a Young person place. Ron and I were Wore out keeping up with Bob and Cathy. Lots of Rides, and Food. Had a ball.
I still can't believe I went on the Manta Coaster Ride....twice! Good times.
Enjoy the pictures.... That's Just a FEW. Can't wait to scrapbook our TRIP!

The Start of our trip. YES we are in the plane ready to take OFF! Texas.... here we COME!Went to Wal Mart. Boy's had to go for a ride!
Went to the Coast Guard Station where Ronny works.
Had to say good bye to the pool at their apartment. I wasn't a very good sitter... Jaiden got WET. and then I got wet holding him. Not a good plan. Wasn't very warm out!

Golf anyone? I Got a Hole In ONE!Found a Fireman in Disney Land!
Group Picture!
What a Good looking Group!
Funny Picture.

Took a spin in the Tea Cup. Bob didn't want to do it.... TOO BAD!NO Pepsi in Disney World. SO Had to have a Drink of COKE!
YES, I went down the Log RIDE That's US in the back Row!

Just waiting to take off.Castle All lite up. It was So PRETTY!

HERE'S Shamu... This Whale Got us SOAKED!
Here's Ron... soaking WET!I turned to save the Camera.... Back side.... SOAKED. Bob and Cathy took OFF running up the steps.
Here's a picture of us in the Tube With sharks swimming above us!
Had to have a picture with Shamu.

3 D Movie of Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Boy was it COOL!NO PEPSI in Disney World!!!!! Bob made me drink COKE!
Before leaving the Condo... we had to play! Bob and I won! SO we are the WINNERS Cathy and Ron.... LOSER!
On the Airplane Heading HOME... Had to change places with Ron so Cathy and I could Play Hand and FOOT!

OK these pictures are the ones Ron took... He didn't take very Many.... Good thing I TOOK some too.. I'll post mine Next.....

Right now I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner. My pie is just a little SAD... Bread looks good! Oh well. Not use to just making ONE!
Miss not having my kids home for the Holiday.... Tried to talk Ron into jumping in the car and driving to Pocatello....... Seattle....... BUT he's on call so we'll be dining alone... OK Grandma Gordon is coming. I'll be getting my nap in Later. No ONe to play games with.