Thursday, May 14, 2009

OK  Here's my watch bands....  I made the two blue ones...... Jenny made the Red and green one..BOY  that hand looks OLD   yes its mine hand....   Showing off the watch  The green one  is the watch sold out of the  trunk of the car....

When we got to Jen's   Mady and Brooklyn LOVE their Papa.....Little Jay looking sharp in his little suit
Don't you think Jay looks like his Mama.......  What are his eyes Blue  or BROWN!

Brooklyn and Mady in their Easter Dresses.  
THREE of our Grandkids.  So much fun spending time with All of them....

Ron had help putting the swing set up.  Great little helper don't you think!Future fire fighter.  Looking good standing there little buddy.
Girls are enjoying the swing set....  cute little girls don't you think.
YES....  Jay loves to swing also.  Hard for him to keep his eyes open.

Look at Mady swim..  she a real fish in the water.  

Poor Brooklyn... she had trouble seeing..... I wonder why???Jay's ready to hit the water... looking cute in his swimming trunks.
Boy did Jay take to the water... he loved it... and his little pal  Mr Turtle.
Jay was being a motor boat.   WAY TO CUTE   Just look at that FACE!

What a good looking couple.....We were able to spend time with the Grandkids before the dinner... so much fun
This was our view in our room... course you had to step outside to see it.  VERY BEAUTIFUL
This is at a round about in Idaho Falls...  Right close to Wal Mart!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's been a wild and crazy month.  On the go for a MONTH... and in one more week.... gone again.

Had a wonderful time in Texas.  I was Told to expect Hot weather........Let's just say I might had 4 days that it didn't RAIN...  I'm just glad that I got to spend time with Kai and Jaiden.  We had a good time.
I also was able to help Monika sew pillow covers and PJ bottoms for her.... and Kai...  Which reminds me I need to send a pattern to Monika... I'll do that tomorrow....
Didn't have one small enough for Jaiden.
Monika and I also got alot of Scrap booking done..... and some hand and foot in.  Which is always fun.
We were able to finish up Jaiden's baby pictures.   Only taken a YEAR.... Thanks Monika for your HELP.
Now back home and playing catch up.
I was home only 2 days when Ron and I drove down to Pocatello to spend time with the Jeppsen's.  We also took a swing set that came out of Bob and Cathy Back yard.  Ron spend all day getting it together with about 5 trips to Home Depot..
But the girls LOVE   it.  And we also put a little swing in for Jay....He didn't want to get out.
Just a wonderful time.
Tuesday we headed for Idaho Falls.  Ron had a Conference there.  So I again worked on Scrap book.  This time doing family pictures from AUG....  
Jeppsen's came down Friday to go Swimming.  What a ball we had.  Jay just LOVES The water.  and Course Mady and Brooklyn are little fishes. 
Jenny and I headed to our room about 1 and half later.  She taught me how to make Beaded watch beads  We had so much fun.  Just to hard to decided on the colors.  I'm hooked on BLUE
Funny story on Jenny.... We were looking for Watch faces and just couldn't find one we really liked.  I decided to just get one to do... so  I"M standing in line to buy it.  When Jenny started visiting with a lady who was behind us.  About 2 ladies behind.  She had on a watch she had made.  And Jenny wanted to know Where did she get the watch face.  It was pretty cool looking,   And she told Jen that she had some in her car.. and she'd sell her one for 10.00....... CASH  She she's telling me...  You really Don't want that watch face do you.?    YES,.........  Jenny said.... NO  don't get it...  OK... ..... walking out of the store to the car.  Jen's asking me if I have 10.00 CASH...  For What????  This lady is selling me a Watch face  out of her car....  need cash...  GREAT... I'm buying a HOT WATCH...... I'm looking around ......Just too FUNNY...  buying a watch out of some lady's CAR.....At less it wasn't in a COAT.......
We headed for HOME Saturday after Ron's Conference.  SO Good to be home...  BUT  so much work to do.  I did get my flowers weeded and Garden tilled.  NOW to plant.  That will be Tomorrow.
OK  I better get some pictures on the blog......  Enjoy the day.
OH Yes,  I forgot.... The Rain followed me to Pocatello....... and to Idaho Falls........
And What did we have when we got HOME????????  YES     more R A I N