Thursday, December 29, 2011

Johnny and Papa time together. Johnny wasn't to sure about us.!We decorated our tree... Dec 24th... With the help of Bob and Cathy!...
Johnny loved the boxes! He had fun knocking them down... OR Just sitting on them! Happy little boy!
Think Ron is Just a little tired.. BUT Johnny was WIDE awake!

Johnny's First Christmas... and His Hat is almost too SMALL for him. BUT he sure looks cute in it!Johnny LOVES to eat!
SO cute in our NEW Pj's! We're ready for Santa to come.
DON'T You just LOVE my new Maroon Wall... and Carpet!

Doesn't Johnny look cute in his NEW PJ's from Santa... and LOVE the HAT!We all got New Pj's and Match How FUN!
For Ron's Birthday I got him a NEW Computer.... so nice that BOB was able to hook it all UP.... LOVE IT!
Picture before plowing into the tree! Had to hurry , church was at 9!

Gave BOB a Cool Racing car... Johnny love watching it go!I recieved a Nook from Jared. Was in MANY boxes.... Very excited for it... BUT more exciting when I found Angry Birds on it! SO FUN!
We gave Johnny a musical toy... He loves it!
Aunt Mae gave Johnny a teddy bear who reads the Christmas story... LOOK at those BLUE EYES!

Johnny enjoying his Jumper.Looking for eagles.! WAY Across the lake.!
We were heading home and saw 2 in this tree by the road.
Ron taking pictures of us... while I'm taking a Picture of HIM!

MERRY CHRISTMAS... TOOK a MONTH to prepare for this day... and it was over in 20 mins. Was Wonderful have Bob and Cathy Home.... WITH Johnny. He's been SO FUN... He makes some CUTE little noises and BIG smiles. SO FUN. HE LOVES to eat... OK he doesn't like Green beans.... or Corn. Give him FRUIT and he's got his Mouth open for that! And puffs are a favorite for him.

Was Fun watching him play with his NEW toys. LOVE the bear from Aunt Mae and Uncle John. And anything that makes Noise... Loves music toys.
Had a wonderful Christmas... I got Ron a New Computer for his birthday.... OK It's mainly for ME..... BUT He'll enjoy it also. Try to Get Jared to buy a new one... but it wasn't working so I gave in. Thanks to Bob and Jared... they got it ordered for me. And While home Bob got it set up... and things loaded on to the NEW Computer. LOVE IT. I have LOTS of Room for MORE Pictures. I need it.... I've taken LOTS of pictures of Johnny ...
We also were able to Check out the eagles on Lake CDA.. Most were around the lake... so we were bummed. BUT when we were leaving found 2 in a tree close to the road ... so we got a few pictures of them.
Got a Great gift from Jared... a Nook... and I was even MORE excited to see Angry Birds on it..... SO FUN... Now I'll Never get things done around HERE.!
Another favorite gift.... a New Fishing pole for trolling. Can't wait to try it OUT!
Bob and Cathy didn't like my broken laundry Baskets... or Holing Wash clothes... so They gave me 2 New baskets and stack of dish rags... NICE....
We've had fun doing some sewing Projects., Playing cards.. Learning about computer... and nook... and watching Movies. Ron dropped a boom shell... He might not be done in March....... Could be April... or MAY. SO we'll just have to wait and see. STILL planning on a family trip to Disney Land... we have a house Rented so We are Ready to GO!
SO.... Good bye to 2011 and HELLO to 2012. What will the new year have in store for US!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MY NICE NEW LIVING ROOM .......... SO nice and Clean . HATE putting things back in this room. BUT Tim and Nate came over to help move everything back to its spots!. NOW to get pictures on the wall..... and decorate for Christmas. ONLY 8 days to go!

DEC . 17, 2011. I wrote a Nice LONG up date...... and I don't know what happen to it. SO I guess I'll do it again. That's What happen when You Save it..... It go's away! Never to be seen again.

I decided this year to be Done by the 15 th with everything... and I Almost made it!... My cards went out the Day after Thanksgiving a long with Packages for Ronny and Jen's family ...., Baking done first week of Dec. Most of my shopping was done on Black Friday... and sewing was complete Dec 10th. I was Hoping that would Help me, Get in the mood for Christmas. I guess I need snow.!... and I see none in the forecast!
Ron got the Lights up today... NOW we Look like we have the Holiday spirit! STILL No TREE!
FOR Our Christmas gift we got New carpet for the living room. Was Exciting to have it lay Yesterday. AND because I wanted a change... I painted the Couch wall Maroon.......BUT my first coat was a bright...... pink Red.......... second coat..... bright RED...... 3 coat..... BRIGHT Maroon... red... I like it..... RON isn't commenting on it!.. I'm sure it will grow on him. ONCE the pictures are back on the wall it will be FIND...... I HOPE!
Looking at my pictures.. I realize they don't have Jay... Jet... or Johnny.... SO Now I need to change them out. Gosh... Can't believe they have been on the wall over 4 years.... Lot has happen in those Years.
Only 8 more days till Christmas , NOT sure where the month went..... Wonder What 2012 will have in store for us. Merry Christmas to ALL!