Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bob was home for the week end. Had to make a stop at Cabela's .YES I had to have a picture too with Mr. MOOSE
This week end we picked the pumpkins LOTS of pumpkins....
We got 2 carts of pumpkins off the garden. How exciting, so far I've made $35.00 in two days, from my pumpkin sale.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now You see it...........Now You DON'T!
Always Glad when this job is Done. Need one more day.
Found this little family on Dalton and 17th street
Aren't they Cute......... in someone else's YARD they were enjoying Apples.

They're putting in a round about at 4th and Hanley... This is Leo and Helen Lee's place. How crazy is that. They won't be able to use their drive way.....Dalton Picnic Kids had fun jumping in the Fire Truck.!
Ron and I were Able to enjoy fishing last Friday..... Oh for about 20 min's.....No bites and no fish. BUT we got color!
We had to call Bob and let him know where we were AT.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Had a Wonderful time with the Jeppsen's. I gained 5 pounds. GREAT Food and Loved our time with our Grand kids.

Hard to leave them.... But again. So good to be home. Lots to do. Still trying to get things put away from the Fair. I'm afraid Fall is coming. Had to put another blanket on the bed. Not for me.... BUT Ron was complaining he was COLD....
SO trying to get our house back in order. PLUS I need to pick and can beans . I won't Be sorry for the garden to be done. OK Just for the tomatoes. Looking forward to harvesting the Pumpkins. I have some nice size ones.
We took my Blue ribbon Pumpkin and Ron's Red ribbon one, to Mady and Brooklyn, so they have pumpkins to crave for Halloween.
I Had a wonderful Birthday and it lasted for DAYS . BUT I don't like getting older. I'm feeling the ache's and pain's of another year older....
Bob and Cathy are coming this week end. SO it will be nice having company even if its only for a few days. We'll also be able to see our Fury Grand daughter....Lilo....Need to get on line to get tickets to head to Texas. Hopefully get that job done this week end. Having Cathy and Bob help with that.! Enjoy the DAY!

I LOVE it when a Birthday last All week Long. I got this from Jared. Thank You Jared. It came in Handy at JEN"S .... I was Cold....and Hot.... and cold a few times. Jen Was HOPING I'd for get it there..... I DIDN'TJay just looking CUTE! He's ONE now.
Brooklyn Loved my bow on my package.!
Jay is playing Peek a BOO..... with Papa and packing my shoes around the house.
Jay Loved to sit with Papa.... HEY I gave you the donut!!

Jenny made me a Lemon CAKE YUM with candles!Having the Fire Department on Stand by.!
I had Help blowing out my candles.
Jay Loves Powder donut's ..... Who would buy powder donuts ?
Jay LOVES to ride on his little Car. Just a little to Close to the stairs for Nana!

Jay Just LOVES his bat. Looking sharp in his Sunday clothes.Brooklyn Loves her New Blue ribbon Jumper. PLUS it was pockets!
Girls are letting Papa GO
Now its Ron turn keeping the girls in One Spot! LOTS of Energy these two little girls Have.
Jay was helping us Pack....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day After my Birthday. I had a Great day. Fun enjoying a meal with my friends and family. As Always, great food from Red Robin.

All My kids called so that was better yet. Ron and I just had dinner at KFC because we will celebrate at the Texas Road HOUSE I'm excited.
We'll leave today, I'm just HOPING Ron will be home by 1 so we can get on the road by 1 30 We'll see
I still can't believe Aug is over with and on to Sept. The months are flying by too fast. Hope you all are enjoying the season we are in.....

Here's our party group. Was fun getting together. Yes, I got sang too. PLUS and sundae... and YES Chocolate. I shared....
ME and my Sundae! Another year older.... and wiser.
What a Good looking group. That's Mom, Sandy, Berta, Linda, Paula and my Sister HELEN

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fair time is Over with... and with that, fall is on its WAY... I can't believe its Sept 1st... Just crazy how the time is just flying by now. When my kid were little I thought September Would never come......( Start up of SCHOOL)....

BUT also the garden will be winding down. My corn sell is going very well.... I'll be able to get seeds... and flowers for next year. NICE
Hopefully we can sell it all before we head South. Looking forward to our trip. BUT before we leave I have LOTS to do.
I've made my list for projects to work on during the winter. See how that go's for me.! At less I have some gifts DONE..... I have some for, Birthday, weddings, and Christmas. I'm ahead now!